the great perfection

I’m posting this page because I have failed to find – in my 40+ year spiritual pilgrimage on Planet Earth – a more simple, lucid and exquisitely stated Teaching. I am not a Buddhist or a Dzogchen practitioner, or anything else for that matter. But this Teaching tallies with everything that is ‘known’ and ‘understood’ here. It’s about as close as concepts can come to the ineffable Reality. May it be of benefit!

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Homage to the Guru, the teacher.

The View and Meditation of Dzogchen can be explained in many, many ways, but simply sustaining the essence of present awareness includes them all.

Your mind won’t be found elsewhere.
It is the very nature of this moment-to-moment thinking.
Regard nakedly the essence of this thinking and you find present awareness, right where you are.

Why chase after thoughts, which are superficial ripples of present awareness?
Rather look directly into the naked, empty nature of thoughts; then there is no duality, no observer, and nothing observed.

Simply rest in this transparent, nondual present awareness.

Make yourself at home in the natural state of pure presence, just being, not doing anything in particular.

Present awareness is empty, open, and luminous; not a concrete substance, yet not nothing.

Empty, yet it is perfectly cognizant, lucid, aware.

As if magically, not by causing it to be aware, but innately aware, awareness continuously functions.

These two sides of present awareness or Rigpa – its emptiness and its cognizance (lucidity) – are inseparable.

Emptiness and luminosity (knowing) are inseparable.

They are formless, as if nothing whatsoever, ungraspable, unborn, undying; yet spacious, vivid, buoyant.

Nothing whatsoever, yet Emaho!, everything is magically experienced.

Simply recognize this.
Look into the magical mirror of mind and appreciate this infinite magical display.

With constant, vigilant mindfulness, sustain this recognition of empty, open, brilliant awareness.
Cultivate nothing else.
There is nothing else to do, or to undo.
Let it remain naturally.

Don’t spoil it by manipulating, by controlling, by tampering with it, and worrying about whether you are right or wrong, or having a good meditation or a bad meditation.
Leave it as it is, and rest your weary heart and mind.

The ultimate luminosity of Dharmakaya, absolute truth, is nothing other than the very nature of this uncontrived, ordinary mind.

Don’t look elsewhere for the Buddha.
It is nothing other than the nature of this present awareness.
This is the Buddha within.

There are innumerable Dharma teachings.
There are many antidotes to many different kinds of spiritual diseases.
There are many words in the Mahamudra and Dzogchen nondual teachings.
But the root, the heart of all practices is included here, in simply sustaining the luminous nature of this present awareness.

If you search elsewhere for something better, a Buddha superior to this present awareness, you are deluding yourself.

You are chained, entangled in the barbed wire of hope and fear.

So give it up!  Simply sustain present wakefulness, moment after moment.

Devotion, compassion, and perfecting virtue and wisdom are the most important supportive methods for completely fulfilling this naked, nondual teaching about present awareness, the innate Dharmakaya.

So always devote yourself to spiritual practice for the benefit of others and apply yourself in body, speech, and mind to what is wholesome and virtuous.

Sarva mangalam.

May all beings be happy!

– Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

Image source: National Geographic

15 thoughts on “the great perfection

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    • Dear Joni – thank you for your beautiful comment.

      We are in total accord!

      May all searching souls receive the simplicity of this *great perfection*.

      Bottom line, end of story!

      Love ~ miriam louisa

    • Yes indeed, dear, it is so obvious that we can’t help but be oblivious! Yet simply resting as this “transparent non-dual present awareness” is the ultimate “meditation” – and your own blog writing is expressing this beautifully … thank you!

  4. The continuity of a powerless play,
    A subtle frequency which holds fear at bay.
    A dazzling dance of moments begs me to stay.
    A fire eternal illuminates the way.

    Many dances through a myriad of moons,
    A deathless season, vibrational monsoons.
    A journey backward yet forward to the womb,
    A silent calling to unearth a mental tomb.

    Silence rises to consume a fortress strong,
    falling forward into realms of endless song.
    A hopeful heaven right here before the throng,
    elusive moments to rest where we belong.

    Nothing to conquer, no endless search in vain.
    A seed of beauty born of bitter pain.
    The death of reason, eternal life anew,
    all of life mirrors heaven’s home in you.

    A taste of nothing fills the empty muse.
    A mute perception unlocks uncharted hues.
    A perfect footstep leads forward onto death.
    A faltering fumble awakens your next breath.

    ~Seemingly Satprem~

  5. wandering along, the old tramp stumbles into this beautiful arbor…what do they call it in this era, “a blog” Emaho!

    many years of Dharma practice this old bum claims, but mostly falling asleep in homes and monasteries, nothing of note, no achievement, no insights, just worn out sneakers and a broom whose bristles have worn down too!

    Yet at age 69, what wonders, what marvels, how resplendent this Mind! Everything arising and falling without the slightest obstruction and nothing further to work at, a brilliant display unborn and undying, a great palace without occupant shining in luminous emptiness! Compassion woven into the very fabric of space itself!

    Keep faith in your teacher and never disregard the lineage blessings when they come as they surely will for you all!

    -the old janitor

    • Thank you for this glorious comment/contribution Tashi Jaltsen!

      This old tramp-bum-janitor (73) is beaming a gummy grin from ear to ear, nodding her grey head, dancing around the great luminous emptiness with her mop, crying EMAHO!

      Indeed, wondrous to meet you!

  6. A senior! How precious you seniors all are! You are the very life-fount of our practice!

    Don’t throw away that mop!, Keep the floors cleaned for the young ones. Keep the candles and lights lit so that they can find their way! and when your time comes . blow them all out with mighty shout and a happy heart!
    With no arrivals and no departures this is an amazing place!
    With no movements and no parts, how can one not laugh?
    The Great Pavilion does not hang in space, nor is it occupied.
    If there is anyone within, then it is not the abode of the Victors!
    If there is anyone looking at it from without, it is just a fabrication!
    One walks along and there is no location to or from.
    Though the sun sets and the moon rises, there is no time.
    One rests under a tree and it is simply this way, not even a center!
    Nothing can describe it! It has neither walls nor moats,
    Confusion is not outside, nor is enlightenment inside!
    Formerly one was a guest, then one became an owner,
    Then the Pavilion itself was one’s own true self!
    How wonderful! How marvelous!
    Mastery beyond mastery comes only from unending devotion!
    Understanding beyond understanding comes only through the teacher,
    and the warm nectar of your loving obedience and trust.
    The Lineage blessings in the beginning fall like the spring rains,
    Later, they shine outward like rays from the bright summer sun.
    In the end, they cannot be found!
    What good fortune!
    Walking along, the guru is atop our head,
    And on the head of the guru is yet another,
    And on the top of all sits supreme Kuntuzangpo.
    And above His head-why incredible: sits there the Pavilion!
    Little obtuse one- you always sat above His holy head!
    The river flows, the sky abides, the sun always shines.
    On the long path the walker has departed.
    Emaho! Emaho! Emaho!

    -TJ 2017CE

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