wideawake – to the nth


I seek a shift in common language,
a way to say what is actually meant.
I speak of I, but don’t mean I
as a thing.

I speak of it as that (mystery)
which manifests function and

I speak of I as ‘It’.
But It is no-thing either, yet thought
would instantly turn it into a thing in
time and space.

I as It occupies neither time nor
space, yet – magician that it is –
manifests both in order to
show up for the party.

I as It is never caught napping,
wide-eyed I is the eternal insomniac
wideawake – to the nth

– miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness

the wideawake aliveness one can never escape

Best get used to it old girl: the Unborn never dies.

You are here for the long haul (aka eternity) – just like this, just this way, just this sweet sentience, just this nameless knowing, just this nondual no-thing-ness.

May as well treat it well, and love it lots.