and here you are, shining: so dopily simple!

If we meet this world unprotected, our heart gets broken over and over and over.

This is actually a gift.

You let the world touch you, it shatters you open, and it shatters you open, and it shatters you open.

And here you are, shining.

After our heart is broken open a thousand times and all of the contents emptied out, there’s just this shining left.

and btw

This is so dopily simple … SO dopily simple.

What are all the long books about?  All the fancy words and all of us getting ourselves tied up in knots.

It’s just simple.  Let’s just be here.  And when we’re here, let’s just invite our whole beings here, every bit.

And then when every bit is here, let’s invite everybody else here.

That’s it … end of story.  We’re already present.

What’s the big whoop?  Where do we think we’re going?

~ Jeannie Zandi

~  a   m   e   n  ~


we give thanks for tiny prickly perfections

Baby Porcupine


beloved life

we give thanks for tiny
prickly perfections
called porcupines

we give thanks that they
nestle so trustingly
in our hands showing
us what it means
to allow which is
to love

we give thanks for the way
they expose our own
vulnerability and the
prickles we hide it beneath

we give thanks for tiny
prickly perfections:
those we hold in our hands
and those whose hands
hold them

we give thanks for this
small revelation and
how it trembles the heart


– miriam louisa