silence is the essence of us all

It’s Vicki Woodyard day at unlitlight central today. I am so thrilled to know that Vicki’s new book Life With A Hole In It: that’s how the light gets in is out and available for purchase. But more of that later. First, a little treat about silence:

There is an essential silence that continually blesses us all.  I feel it as I type words into the void.  It unreels like an old movie, the kind where no voice was able to be heard.  It breathes life into the words of this world.  It animates everything.  Trees know it and rocks absorb and emit it.  Stars beam it down to us in the form of light.  How blessed we are to be that silence and to share it freely.  We do that because it is effortless.  A strained silence is noisy whereas essential silence is a benediction on this weary world.

The silence seeps in around the cracks of suffering. Like light, it is who we are. As love, it transforms ugliness into grace and grace into miracle.  I tend a piece of this silence.  I am farming it so that flowers grow tall and the soul’s lushness is revealed petal by petal, word by word.

Silence is the essence of us all.  The void from which we spring peppers the world with hallelujahs.  It softens the suffering soul and revives the desert landscape.  It also shows us the beauty of the desert and the dark valleys of loss.  Lest I become overwrought, I shall stop on a dime’s worth of words so you can feel like a millionaire within it all.
~ Vicki Woodyard

“… this time you found your voice and your passion to tell the truth yourself.  And that is how you go on.  Like the Energizer Bunny, you run on the battery of the beyond within.  It is a mystery and a blessing how everything works out when you determine to go the distance.”

If you would like to order a copy of Life With a Hole in It please go to

And bless you for believing in me.

~ Vicki Woodyard


Free Excerpt From The Book (requires Adobe Reader)

source: the nonduality highlights


Truth: it’s got us by the short curlies

Awakening is a space that opens in you.
If that space is infinitely open, then Truth can reveal itself continuously,
in a way that is always somewhat unexpected.
~ Adyashanti

Understatement of the century, says I with a droll grin.  Who’d have expected Truth to turn up as just exactly this?  Who’d have expected Truth to turn up as just exactly what is, here and now?  Who’d have expected that Truth would be ceaselessly waiting for me without expectations?  Or conditions?  Or qualifiers?

Who’d have expected that someone as crazy, mixed-up, diseased, addicted, selfish, ancient, depressed, deluded, ego-consumed, unworthy, ____  (insert pet beat-up label) as this creature called me would turn out to be Truth in apparent disguise?

Who’d have expected Truth to be naked and silent after all the years of assuming It would come blazing and whistling and shouting hallelujah?  Who’d have expected It would be so intimate that separation is impossible?  Escape impossible?  (It’s got us by the short curlies dear hearts, whether we like it or not.)

Who’d have expected that the only thing apparently standing between me and Truth was my belief in the myth of separation?

~ miriam louisa

gobbled by the gap

Last week was a bit strange. I guess I’m slowly learning what many others have discovered before me, which is that the more one reaches out towards this – immense unknowableness – the more it seems to advance. These are crazy words, for there is no reaching and no advancing and never any separation, but how to speak of it?

Adyashanti says “Truth is a sleeping giant, which once aroused and awakened, becomes an unstoppable liberator.”

Unstoppable. That’s what I’m learning. Extend invitations at your peril!

So, what happened last week? Well, I wrote a few fairly innocuous words about minding the gap. I wrote about how the gap between thoughts was succulent silence and the flowering of pure Aware-ing, about it being my version Graceland. Well I must have left an arousing calling card, for the next thing I knew the gap got me good. I was cast like an aged ewe upon the zafu. It wasn’t that I was in bliss-bunny land, or that I was tired. I was simply … hollow. There were no bones in my bodysuit.

Hollow like bamboo. Thoughts bubbled up through the hollowness occasionally like echoes from outer space. There was no intention to remain hollow, or not. But there was a gentle sort of curiosity. The sensation was of floating, buoyantly bodiless – as though held in a gravity-free womb.

It went on without interruption all day, over night, and all the next day. I had been gobbled by the gap.

Don’t be fooled – there’s nothing human here. She-who-writes is a gap-scat in disguise.

– miriam louisa

Image source: Osho Zen Tarot –copyright Ma Deva Padma

the crystal mountain of awareing

vast causeless liberation
is as simple as this:

first you acknowledge that nothing
but the unalterable Truth
will do

then you put every notion and fantasy about Truth
on hold
while all the knitted-up versions
of your dear self:



the rock of brilliance that manifests and mirrors
the crystal mountain of Awareing

then you know, you know yourself
as All
and as One

– miriam louisa

little did I know


little did I know
that it would come


that THIS
would be the shocking
truth –
the answer I had both
longed for and rejected


that THIS
would be as obliterating
as a terrorist’s bomb;
that the old life
would not survive


that THIS
would be the revelation
in naked, unskinned knowing
of the miracle
of every moment’s


only THIS
breath-breathing ‘I’







– miriam louisa


in my place – on my face

This Unlit Light - Woman by Richard Diebenkorn


L was used to being liked.  L was used to being popular, sought-out for social soirees, head-hunted for educational and creative projects.  She was used to being firmly connected to family, friends and folk of like mind.  It seemed nothing could shake her self-confidence.

Then it all changed.*  Life tipped her unceremoniously into another version of itself, a version which was the opposite in both degree and kind.  Her task in this version of shadows and invisibility took ten years.  She used to call it her Dark Time, her time in the Wasteland, because most of the time she was not even aware that a task existed.  But now that the task is done she sees it differently.  There is gratitude.  This is why.

Life was kind enough to strip her of all her stories, her income, her so-called choices, her mobility, her means of escape, and especially her sources of spiritual entertainment, so that without her habitual props she would fall flat on her face.  And by some fluke of fate she stayed there instead of clambering up and fighting on.  Call it Grace.

Stayed there.  Something in her knew that she was in her place – on her face.  That was the place where she was finally incarcerated with the inescapable questions that had been her life-long companions:

Is it true that there is a joy without cause, a contentment without conditions, a peace that passes all understanding, and a love that has no subject or object?

And deeper, further:

 Who, or what, wants to know this?


It turned out that solving the last question revealed the truth of the others.  Coming face to face with the me-mirage, falling through the mirror and down the wormhole, exploding out into our world of unlit light, finally faceless, and at home in the placeless.


If you knew how important you were, you would fragment into a billion pieces
and just be light.

~ Byron Katie

* How this came to pass is another story for another day.

Painting by Richard Diebenkorn


this unlit light is agenda-free

The light of consciousness has no mind to change or alter anything.

When you start to see the light that you really are, the light waking up in you, the radiance, you realize it has no intention to change you. It has no intention to harmonize. It has no agenda. It just happens.

The Truth is the only thing you’ll ever run into that has no agenda.

Everything else will have an agenda.