drop off your own skin

Withdraw now from the invisible pounding and weaving of your ingrained ideas.

If you want to be rid of this invisible turmoil, you must just sit through it and let go of everything.

Attain fulfillment and illuminate thoroughly.

Light and shadow altogether forgotten.

Drop off your own skin, and the sense-dusts will be fully purified.

The eye then readily discerns the brightness.

~ Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157)

knee-capped at Chenrezig


it was really rather auspicious:

on the eve of a new year, while
holed up at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
Life knee-capped Itself

L was brought to her knees
crippled, dis-abled, humbled

the scene was set:

she could only sit.

and sit, and sit and sit

with now, with this, with here

and one day the ‘with’ disappeared
~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness