and here you are, shining: so dopily simple!

If we meet this world unprotected, our heart gets broken over and over and over.

This is actually a gift.

You let the world touch you, it shatters you open, and it shatters you open, and it shatters you open.

And here you are, shining.

After our heart is broken open a thousand times and all of the contents emptied out, there’s just this shining left.

and btw

This is so dopily simple … SO dopily simple.

What are all the long books about?  All the fancy words and all of us getting ourselves tied up in knots.

It’s just simple.  Let’s just be here.  And when we’re here, let’s just invite our whole beings here, every bit.

And then when every bit is here, let’s invite everybody else here.

That’s it … end of story.  We’re already present.

What’s the big whoop?  Where do we think we’re going?

~ Jeannie Zandi

~  a   m   e   n  ~


we are but shadows!


I crossed the gleaming sea last week
flew on whispering wings of silver
made soft landing on the Long White Cloud:
homeland Aotearoa.

When I left these shores decades ago
the mountains were mountains
and the rivers were rivers
and I was me.

I return.
And the mountains are mountains
the rivers are rivers
yet – their murmurings are now clear:
“We are but shadows!

The infinite incandescence
that displays our brilliant landscape
is the unlit Light
of your own Being.”

How sweet to find
that the only luggage I needed to bring
has always been on board –
going everywhere I roam
and lighting up every dark, lonely moment,
every quiver of earthly joy.

– miriam louisa

the shock of shining recognition


you had become used to it,
the exiled state

it kept you in the company of
your countrymen
it kept you contained and
secure within shared values

but one bright moment
was all it took
and you were exiled from exile

you landed in that longed-for
alone and all-One

and the shock of shining recognition
cracked open the voice you never knew
was your own

the voice that calls itself
“heart whisperer”


– miriam louisa

Image: Morris Graves, Bird seeing the Light

drop off your own skin

Withdraw now from the invisible pounding and weaving of your ingrained ideas.

If you want to be rid of this invisible turmoil, you must just sit through it and let go of everything.

Attain fulfillment and illuminate thoroughly.

Light and shadow altogether forgotten.

Drop off your own skin, and the sense-dusts will be fully purified.

The eye then readily discerns the brightness.

~ Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157)

self portrait


‘I’ has no body;
the ten thousand things
and the ten thousand no-things
these are the skin ‘I’ wears

‘I’ has no mind;
direct seeing is its mental modality
intelligence flows from its well-spring
action is choiceless and free

‘I’ has no parents;
existence is its family tree,
breathtide its bridge to hallowed homeland
and Itself its sustenance

‘I’ has no history;
childhood and adulthood
yesterday and tomorrow –
all rest in its momentary eternity

‘I’ owns no experience;
no sorrow, no happiness, no hatred
no bliss, no blame, no freedom or burden
neither ignorance nor awakening

‘I’ is ever-innocent awareness
shining, shining as perfect presence

‘I’ is now!

‘I’ is this!

‘I’ is here!
– miriam louisa
(with a deep bow to a certain samurai warrior)
echoes from emptiness

this is for beautiful, brilliant, You



Has anyone taken the time to tell you,

this morning, today,

Sunday the 9th of August 2009,

that you are immaculate perfection on feet?

Has anyone assured you

that regardless of what you are reading in the Sunday Papers,

you are unable to be threatened or affected?

That nothing, ever,

can change the changeless awareness that is scanning the news,

sipping coffee, munching on Sunday breakfast treats?

Has anyone reminded you yet,

that regardless of your dubious escapades last night,

your killer hangover, your domestic discontent,

your mind-crazy morning meditation,

the brilliant beingness that you are is unaffected?


Then this is for you:

You are beautiful, brilliant, brilliance,

shining on,

shining on,



– miriam louisa