ditching the death-grip

the grip of the identified ‘me’-self
is a death-grip

when that death-grip relaxed –
relaxed for a millisecond,
just long enough
for a rip in the cocoon to open –
there was immediate
understanding of its

the fundamental illusion
in the living of a life
is the conviction that there is an
that does it . . .

when there is only the quiet flow
of a life being lived by Life


– miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness


an impossible question

I’ve been asked for more info about the ‘who and why?’ of this blog, so I’ve added a few sentences to that page.

I had written:

I write because I like to read what gets written.  Same reason I paint, and make things.  Because I want to see what will happen.  What will appear.  What will amaze.

This is what I added:

It was not always so simple.  There used to be a ‘doer’ person here who needed to be, and thought she was, in control. But life kept undermining that assumption, particularly in the studio.  So often the ‘doer’ (artist) dis-appeared and in its place a totally non-personal gracious, fluid, movement of creativity was operating.  Whenever I tried to scrutinize this movement it ceased.  It was a tantalizing koan for me.  If I wasn’t in control, what was?

Decades passed.  Eventually my inquiry was seen to be an “impossible question”.  It could not be answered by any kind of rationalizing or conceptualizing because as soon as those tools were applied they hit a brick wall.  Whatever was doing the thinking seemed to be the core of the problem.  So I had to find out whether the ‘thinker’ was independent of the thoughts that kept spinning around the question.

What that amounted to, was finding out whether the self I took myself to be was real, or ‘thought up’,  imaginary.

The self I took myself to be never survived the scrutiny.  It simply couldn’t be found.  In its place there was simply an ineffable flow of being, a beingness that was inseparable from its own self-awareness.  It is embraced – by itself, it is beloved – by itself.  It is known – by itself – as this unlit light.




what does surrender mean?

who does it?

and to what?

in the context of these notes, it’s a verb that takes no subject or object.
it attempts to describe what ‘happens’ when the self-as-doer-construct dissolves, and the body-mind-being understands that it is purely and simply lived by Life.

there’s no one feeling either happy or sad about this

~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness