an apology to subscribers

Dear friends, followers, and email or RSS feed subscribers to this little blog –

Late last January I switched to a new WordPress theme – the one you see this post displayed on, and with which I’m very satisfied, overall. However, themes are little universes of their own, with mysterious configurations and ways of presenting themselves. (Just like us, eh?)

Some time ago I was surfing back through older posts to try and find an entry on a particular topic, and I discovered that the pre- Forever theme posts which used certain formatting elements were not displaying to my liking. In particular, the ‘small’ font-size was virtually unreadable.

Being of a fussy artistic disposition this bothered me and I resolved to edit them once time allowed. It’s a job that’s been on the back burner for a while, but /and during the last few days I’ve made a start. The problem is, that when I edit a post sometimes WordPress re-posts it to all my ‘followers’ – but only sometimes. I have no idea why this happens when I am only reformatting html and – in some cases – changing categories. The content of the post remains unchanged.

The forum angels advise me that I can switch the blog to “private” for the duration of my editing, and then switch it back to “public” when I’m done, thus avoiding re-posting of edited posts. I’m reluctant to do this, however, because the stats tell me that visitors are continuously viewing the blog – their numbers may not be huge, but I don’t want any of them to be turned away. I wish there was an option to show a message saying “Blog under maintenance – please come back later” – are you listening, WordPress Happiness Engineers?

So far three or four posts have been re-issued – out of dozens that have been edited. I’d like to offer my apologies for this unnecessary input to your inbox. And I need to warn you that over the next week or so there might be more, as I have dozens more posts to mend. You will recognize them by their date. Please just delete them – unless, of course, it’s new material for you and you’re interested…

While I’m at-it, dear friends, I want to thank you for your companionship and support over the past three years. It may ‘only’ be a virtual connection we share, but this heart knows true friendship when it inexplicably and graciously comes its way.

Grace and gratefulness!

~ miriam louisa