thank you for the hairy ones

This little blog was launched two years ago, on Mothers’ Day 2009, and dedicated to my sweet mother, Miriam. I’m a little late this year – it’s already Monday in this part of the world – but a post is pressing this morning, a prayer of gratitude for all mothers, including the miraculous and long-suffering Earth that is truly our lifelong womb.

Beloved Life

Thank you for Mothers

Thank you for all your awesome
of replicating yourself
from simple cell-division
and eggs a zillion ways
to womb-birthed, pouch-held

Thank you for the hairy
the crusty, the creepy,
the slithery, the feathered ones,
the ones we love and
those that scare us silly

Thank you for the ones we call
our own, who built our scaffolding
from their own cells so that
the Light of your Awareness
would have a home

Thank you for their
regardless of our opinions,
our grievances, our stories, for
they made it possible for you
to create yourself
and to Know yourself

and to Know yourself
from birthing unto birthing as


– miriam louisa

Photo: Slavka Gough, Bali, 2011

let them know they are loved

Dear Friends –

Please take a moment to go to
this beautiful site
Light a Candle
for all those who are homeless, heartbroken
suffering and scared
in Japan.

Let them know they are loved.

Please light another one for all those who are helping with this tragedy.

Thank you for joining me in this gesture.

~ ml


the breathing of the soul

Michael Leunig knows how to pray. I love his outpourings and the cartoons that accompany them to perfection. The image I’ve used here isn’t the one that goes with the prayer in the book mentioned, but I am currently without a scanner so am using an etching of his that’s been hiding awhile in my computer. To me, it says everything.



God accept our prayers.
Send us tears in return.
Give freedom to this exchange.
Let us pray inwardly.
Let us weep outwardly.
This is the breathing of the soul.
This is the vitality of the spirit.
For this we give thanks.



Michael Leunig: When I talk to You – a cartoonist talks to God

we give thanks for tiny prickly perfections

Baby Porcupine


beloved life

we give thanks for tiny
prickly perfections
called porcupines

we give thanks that they
nestle so trustingly
in our hands showing
us what it means
to allow which is
to love

we give thanks for the way
they expose our own
vulnerability and the
prickles we hide it beneath

we give thanks for tiny
prickly perfections:
those we hold in our hands
and those whose hands
hold them

we give thanks for this
small revelation and
how it trembles the heart


– miriam louisa

full moon eclipse in aquarius

My astrowiz friend tells me that I was born when the sun and moon were in Aquarius, and that a lunar eclipse was underway. I don’t know the significance of any of that, nor is there much interest. But who could pass by the chance, upon an eclipse of the full moon, in Aquarius, today – 2pm Australian time – to offer up a prayer. (Just in case those cosmic god/esses are bending an ear!)

May we all be free from

– wanting to be admired (respected, liked, right)
– not wanting to be criticized (inferior, wrong, disliked)

– wanting to be happy (free, awakened)
– not wanting to be unhappy (burdened, ignorant)

– wanting to gain (own, acquire)
– not wanting to lose (anything, including face)

– wanting to be famous (special)
– not wanting to be ignored (invisible)

Gratitude to Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche for writing this on a tree in Bhutan! The inclusions in parenthesis are my own.