trust the vast nobody lying behind you

This Unlit Light - Poetry by Kieran Patrick Riordan


The Teacher was asked repeatedly,
‘What is it to live in Awareness?’

Finally, reluctantly she spoke,
For she observed,
Few were willing
To relinquish their cherishing
Of the conditions for suffering.

With a sigh she began.

“Project not Outwardly

Contract not Inwardly

Hold onto nothing

In between.”

How will we speak to others? One asked.

“Back not your opinions,

Let silence move your heart to speak.”

What will I do with my life? Enquired another.

“Rely not on this character,

Trust the vast nobody lying behind you.”

Must my uniqueness die? Asked the cook.

“Be entertained by your ideas,

Let stillness light your way.”

She asked for tea and remained silent for another whole year.

(Excerpt from Bhutan, 2216….)

– Kieran Patrick Riordan


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‘I don’t mind’ mind

This Unlit Light - Swan Feather by Jim Champion

If anyone had told me that one fine now ‘my’ mind would fall like a feather into a flow of not-minding I’d have told them to sod off.

I loved minding everything: how I looked, what I believed, how others should look and behave, how my life and the world should be.

I loved all the opinions, the stories and self-righteousness.

I loved my choices, my decisions, my ‘personal power'(!)

Well, well, well.


Don’t ask me what happened. I can spin stories about what went before and after, but as to what actually heaved the minding-mind from its default mode, I’m clueless.

A clueless “feather on the breath of God.”

And I don’t mind one bit.

– miriam louisa


Image: Swan feather floating on Hatchet Pond, Hampshire, England, by Jim Champion.