turning the light around

The path is awareness of Awareness.  The result is Awareness.  By the intention to place our attention upon Awareness instead of upon our self, mind and its mental events or perceptions, both the intention and the placement of attention dissolve into Awareness from whence they arose.  It is in that moment of dissolution or self-liberation that we find comfort and ease in just being effortlessly what we have always been.

In the Taoist and Chan tradition this practice is known as “turning the Light around to shine upon Itself”.  In the Tibetan Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions this method is know as “reversal” or rulog, in which the energies that make up our mental, emotional and physical existence resolve back into their origin as the Clear Light of Awareness.  Our true nature is this unchanging Clear Light Awareness and everything we experience is its self-display.  And the intention to return to our origin and basis as Clear Light Awareness is a naturally arising quality of the Clear Light itself.  In this way, our Enlightenment as well as all others’ is assured, since that urge towards Enlightenment is an intrinsic dynamic of Awareness Itself.  This is the true meaning of Bodhicitta, the manifestation of compassion and unconditional love that leaves no one behind …

~ Jackson Peterson


Source – Way of Light

(my emphasis)


there’s no escaping total fulfillment

This bright shining Awareness I have come to call ‘Beloved’ – and to know as ‘I’ – is total fulfillment.

This morning I tried to find anything It needed.  I failed.  It is complete; It cannot be divided.

It is the capacity for every thought, feeling and action.  That’s Its omnipotence.

It is the knowingness in which everything is knowable and known.  That’s Its omniscience.

It is the eternal present, the timeless now, which cannot be measured or escaped from.  That’s Its omnipresence.

But here’s the really awesome bit: try as I might I cannot extricate myself from this (no)thing I call Beloved.  I can experience estrangement and distraction and I can experience joy and graciousness.  But these are simply experiences.  Beloved remains unmoved and unchanged.  Beloved is the ground of all my experiences and the guts of them as well.  And if there’s no escaping the (no)thing that is complete and fulfilled in every way … doh? … huh? … crikey …

~ miriam louisa

[What a marvelous prefix: omni.  Says it all really – and look, it even contains the Sanskrit seed-syllable ‘om’ which I’m told is the energy vibration of Creation.  Good word for God, I reckon.  But I’m committed to ‘Beloved,’ – maybe because of the Be(ingness) and the Love(d).]


free will and hash browns

The notion of free will is such a hot potato*. It scalds the hands as it’s juggled around mind-space. Yet when it’s at home in its spacious place it makes delicious eating!

You don’t actually need science or experiments, philosophy or religion (although their conclusions can be fascinating) to find out for yourself all you need to know about the dynamic called free will or volition. The process couldn’t be simpler. It’s as easy as ABC, but not necessarily in that order.

Let’s take B first and let it stand for body. Let’s be very careful: can I honestly say that as a body I have any kind of free will? If I did, would I choose to fall down steps, get sick, be ugly, be fat, go bald, be hungry, grow old, die?

Let’s take C next and let it stand for cerebral activity. Mind: thinking, feeling, perceiving and all that stuff. Can I say that I have control over the things that happen in my mental world? If I did, would I choose to repeat unwanted thoughts endlessly, to have nightmares, to fixate on past events, to grieve, to compare myself unfavorably with others, to suffer?

If I’m convinced I’m a body and a mind it hardly seems sensible to claim free will for myself – it’s both masochistic and illogical. Yet if I can’t find my free will in them, where will I find it?

I will have to look elsewhere. This implies finding out exactly where ‘I’ am located. For some reason this prospect is frighteningly uncomfortable for many. The potato is burning their hands so they drop it and turn away from the inquiry. Which is a pity because clarity is only a question away, and Life is begging its asking.

It’s this: I have the feeling of autonomy. I feel as though I make choices. I feel responsible for the things I do, from picking up my cup of tea to abandoning my college course. Yet my experience refutes this. I cannot find volition in my body or my mind, which indicates that I am not my body or my mind. So what am I?

Sitting with this question and ticking off the what-I-am-not boxes unpicks the problem. Why is this so difficult? Wouldn’t you think any intelligent human being would leap at the chance to find out what they actually ARE?

There’s a story. It’s called ‘me.’ It’s scared. It knows it’s only a thought-up story and that if thoughts get looked at too closely it will be exposed. It’s afraid of extinction. Ticking off the I-am-not-the-story box takes some doing for most folk. I suggest ticking it off just to see what might happen – with an eraser handy. What happens? The eraser isn’t needed, for when you tick off the I-am-not-the-story box, you notice that there’s still something present that is aware of what’s happening – and weirdly enough, it feels just like dear old You.

Which brings us to A. A is for Awareness. Awareness is what’s left after all the boxes in one’s entire repertoire of imaginings have been ticked off and there are no options left. No way out. The ‘I’ sense is home in spacious Aware-ing and the potato is a gourmet delight. Down it goes, never again to whet mind’s appetite.

The View opens up, vast and free. Awareness reigns as the sole player in the Game. What does that mean? It means … you’re IT. Awareness is free to do and be and know and experience whatever it wishes, and it does, as You. You are its built-in modus operandi.

You, aka Awareness, are free to believe that you are a body/mind with volition. You are free to believe that you are an autonomous, separate entity. Or an awakened one. Or a striving-to-be-enlightened one. No worries! You as Awareness are also free to be a hot potato, to juggle them or to eat them boiled, mashed or hashed. How awesome is that?

You, as Awareness, are free will in eternal flow and flux.

– miriam louisa

*Hot potato? – If English isn’t your first language you might not know that this is a term for a very contentious and often non-negotiable idea or issue. I know, it’s weird, but no doubt all languages have a term for the ‘no-go’ areas of belief and fixation.

life living life

Downunder with Unmani

Now this is great good news for Antipodeans addicted to nondual awareness: one very wideawake woman is currently visiting us in Australia.  Unmani is holding meetings in Byron Bay, NSW, and there will be a three-day retreat in December.  The theme is “Not-Knowing.”  Have a look at Umnani’s website for more info about her approach, her work, and the happenings downunder.

Recognising who You are is the end of overlooking that which has never been anywhere but right here. The end of pretending to know or trying to know. This is absolute Not-Knowing. Forever falling in absolute insecurity. This is what I am. I am what You are. Life itself.

Unmani points to the end of the spiritual search. Actually finding what you have been looking for. Finding that it has never been anywhere but right here. Realising the paradox of Life.

source:  Unmani’s website

It’s very easy to feel geographically remote when one lives downunder, especially in regional areas where getting to any major cultural center involves a very long drive.  And it’s not often that we receive visits from anyone on the wideawake women list – or the blogamigos list either.  Gratitude to Unmani for dropping by with her direct and powerful message.