the light that I am

This is an extract from The Light That I Am: Notes From the Ground of Being, by J.C. Amberchele.

At my core I am Aware Emptiness, and it is because I am empty that I am able to be filled, because I am no-thing that I am capacity for everything. This is why, wherever I look, to whatever I attend, I am replaced. And the replacement is total. I am not partially empty and partially replaced. I instantly and totally become what I am replaced by, including not only the physical but the mental as well, all the thoughts and feelings that adhere to the objects of the scene. This includes the scenes I call memory, mental imagery, dreams and hallucinations. This is why I am both No-thing and Everything, both Emptiness and Form, but it is essential that I not confuse what belongs where or what goes with what. Thoughts and feelings, although seemingly formless, belong to the world of form, adhere to and so define the physical appearances that constitute the world. Ultimately, they are the world. Empty Awareness is free of these things, and because it is free, it welcomes the world, which it then recognizes as itself! There is no separation, and at the same time, no confusion.

The Light That I Am: Notes From the Ground of Being
by J.C. Amberchele

Jerry Katz, who is an astute reviewer of books on the nonduality theme, has reviewed this book and I highly recommend that you make your way to his blog to have an in-depth read. This is a book from well outside the square, affirming that a true story can indeed be stranger than fiction …