worlds and gods will disappear, but this will not


Back in January I wrote a post to honor the passing of the last of my ancient aunties. Today I am heavy with news that the last of the ancient uncles has joined her. Back in September last year I wrote about a visit with my beloved mother’s big bro – he was getting ready to be 99 on October 1.

Well, he was ready good and proper, and we had a wonder-full day out with him – lunching at the restaurant he and Aunty Helen used to frequent, driving him along the coast and up the Kaimai Range, and finally delivering him – weary and happy – back to his little room at the retirement village. We left him with promises that it would all happen again this year for his 100th birthday. He was so delighted – and de-light-full.

The spectacular dawn photograph in my last post – shining mind, radiant perfection – was taken last October from my hermitage up in those Kaimai Ranges. And the view over the coast with Mount Maunganui bathed in light would have revealed the village where Uncle lived, had there been more light. As I write today I am in Queensland, Australia, and I marvel that life wanted that particular photo posted – with its glorious light emerging from heavy cloud. That particular photo; that particular place.

Then the news came from my cousin. It’s ridiculous, I know, to be saddened by the departure of one so ancient. But one is never ready. And – it’s not just about him, although his gentle, twinkling, intelligent presence will be missed; it’s the end of an era. There are no more ancients left in this clan – and – we are the replacements!

Am I ready to be 99? Actually I don’t even know if I’m ready to be 68 on my next birthday. What I do know is that I’m ready for life now, whatever it dishes up. I must be getting really old to be able to say that. I no longer have a sense that I’ve missed something in life; the seeker-self has been awol longtime. That doesn’t mean I no longer get up revving to get stuck into the day – quite the contrary. Life is juicier and more wondrous by the day. Perhaps that means I am ready? Bring it on!

What is not stable and permanent, let go.

There is only one thing left.

Worlds and gods will disappear, but This will not.

When you are reminded of this keep your eye on it,
not with the intention of having it, but just to BE it!

All the things you want are in the “let go” category:
house, wife, body, parents, gods, let go.

What is left?  What cannot go?  That you ARE!

You cannot go because you have never come
and anything that comes must go.

Find out what it is.

– Papaji


we give thanks for ancient aunties

Listen to me.

Love is all there is.
Nothing more is needed to be known.
So open your heart and, in the name of that love,
welcome every bit of life that awaits you.
Your purpose is to be present, minute by minute,
breath by breath, tomorrow after tomorrow,
to the end of time itself.
~ Emmanuel


Breath by breath I am present as another beloved wise woman,
my mother’s little sister, breathes her last.

Ninety six orbits of the sun – she finally caught up, in earth-time,
with the big sister she was always chasing.

The last of the aunties of the Harrex line has left.
The cousins assemble. There will be celebrations.

She’d like that.

Ahhh, beloved Life. We give thanks for ancient aunties.
We remember their busty lavender loveliness as they hugged us close.
We give thanks.


falling into death, there is only life

Who you really are is the timeless death that is right now. This is the death that you run from, but the death that you long for. It is the end of everything that you know and everything that you believe. All that knowing and belief is the restriction and burden that you have been carrying for so long. It is the sense of separation that makes you feel like you are in a prison.

Right now, none of that has any meaning or relevance. Right now nothing means anything. Right now you do not know anything. Right now there is no one living a life. There is only Life itself. Life breathing. Life looking. Life thinking. Life speaking, Life sitting…

Right now there is nothing to be afraid of and nothing to search for. Falling into death, there is only Life…

~ Unmani

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