today I light candles


today I light candles …

my heart sings with gratitude
to all of you
~ Beloveds ~
who have been sending your prayers
and healing magic
my way
this past week or so

and I invite you to join me
in this outpouring of gratitude
by thinking of dear ones who have likewise
showered you with kind thoughts and deeds

you can light a gratitude candle
for them
via this little link

with bowed head
and happy, healthy (!) heart
I thank you all


Image:  Bill Viola  –  Catherine’s Room


for as long as wanting wants

for as long
as wanting wants
anything – anything
stillness is abandoned
great silence is silenced
peace is merely a story


for as long
as wanting wants
there will be a wanter
an insatiable grasper
an inexhaustible seeker
to the savage wisdom
that whispers
you are that
which you seek!


for as long
as wanting wants
and the wanter
it has more substance
than a thought;
it’s real, with an agenda
[noble, naturally]

is divorced from its


– miriam louisa