freedom is not an experience

Freedom is not an experience.

Yes, I know I’m going on about this.  But it bears repetition.  This little sentence is a powerful pointer.

What does it imply?  That there is no personal experiencer of Reality.  It doesn’t happen to someone.  Not ever.  Not you or anyone else, no matter how holy or wise.

It is prior to all experience – including the experience of a ‘self.’ 

It is your natural, unconditioned, unabridged, brilliant Being.

Grok this and your search is over:

Freedom is not an experience.

– miriam louisa

shortcut to heaven

This Unlit Light: Georgia O'Keeffe - Ladder to Heaven

Here’s the secret.

It’s totally open and available to everyone, yet it seems to be the last thing one can accept. (Too simple, to easy, too immediate!)

Creep up with cunning on anything you can see, feel, think, believe or do.

(You must be cunning because the default position is to be blindly absorbed in the “anything.”)

Ask yourself: Is this an experience?

It’s not a trick question.  It just wants a simple answer: yes or no.

If your answer is yes, fine.  Enjoy your experience and whatever it brings.

But just be aware of this: the joy and peace and freedom you seek cannot be experienced.

This is a kind of a koan. Keep chewing it. The sense of its nonsense will never be known, but a eureka moment is in the wings.

– miriam louisa

Image: Georgia O’Keeffe – Ladder to Heaven

not one iota of change, ever

First we had Simone Weil advising us to beware of imagination’s superglue at work patching up the rips in the ‘me’-cocoon.  Then Teresa Dunyati-Long, warning us not to get stuck in the imagination because its pretty pics and stories are sourced, by default, from the past, from memory.  So?

The movement of thought which we label ‘imagination’, and which we tend to value very highly, turns out to be an unhelpful tool if we are serious about what it might mean to know unconditional freedom.  The problem is that it’s so easy to – yes – imagine what freedom will be like, what it will mean.  Or happiness, enlightenment – whatever.  But as everyone knows, painted cakes don’t satisfy hunger.  And our stories, richly illustrated and annotated, are just painted cakes.  Yummy, not.  Thing is, we love our stories.  So much so that we starve for the very thing we hunger.

When it comes to Truth-being, even for one minute, we know how impossible it seems, at first, to simply … be It.  Right now, just this, here.  The movement of thought is faster than our ability to see it coming, and before one knows it – literally – it’s off spinning pictures, labels, formulae, strategies about Truth-being.  It’s the magic carpet zooming in and whisking one off to … fantasy land.  Again.

Sooner or later it’s understood that the very thing we idolize as being our major tool for awakening – for freedom from the manic boredom of our lives – is its arch enemy.

Don’t get me wrong, imagination is a cool tool.  It serves our lives in untold exciting ways.  It just depends on what we want.  Do we want endless entertainment?  Fine, perfect tool.  But if we’re after the godly goodie spoken of by all the sages and saints who have walked before us – the changeless peace that “passeth all understanding,” it is useless, and worse.  It’s the super-spawner of countless red herrings.

Check it out for yourself:  Whatever can be imagined, however potent or paralyzing, sublime or depraved, makes no difference whatsoever to the Truth-being that is aware of it.  Did Einstein’s e=mc leave one tiny trace?

Not one iota of change.  Ever.  This unlit light remains unsullied, unaffected, undivided.  Just so.

freedom is at the beginning


I used to think that freedom was a word that went with a ‘from’ or a ‘to’:

Freedom from stress, pain, anger, jealousy, bad habits…

Freedom to express, to roam, to do what one wants…

It was all so mistaken.

I found that freedom is the ability to rest unfazed in the totality of whatever life is dishing up.  It can’t be cultivated.  It flows in when one stops believing life ought to be different, that it needs fixing, or any other commentary that the thinking machine generates.

Freedom is always waiting here, now, in exactly this, at the beginning and never the end.

no personal purpose


vast leaping liberation:
no personal purpose!

pursuit of purpose is the activity of the entity invented
to claim doership of the deeds done by Life
it drops away with the shock revelation of a reality
beyond doer and deed, purpose and perpetrator

Life, pulsating, throbbing,
exploring and experimenting,
has its own agenda


~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness