the ‘me’ that I have always loved

The end of becoming is knowing that you never could, and never have, become anything in the first place other than what you already are.  And what you already are has never been subject to becoming ever.

When the Gordian knot of ignorance (taking my self to be the body/mind) slips apart, then I see, Wow!  This existence consciousness which I am, never becomes, never changes, is ever the same, and it is the most wonderful constant ‘me’ that I have always loved in every changing moment.

It is what I always wanted to be!  And what I always wanted to be, I am!  Amazing!

There is nothing that I can do to become my self, because I am already my self, and the recognition of that is called freedom!

~ Durga

always I shine

Experience seeking is natural. It’s all we know how to do, until and unless we come to understand that experiences (no matter how profound or blissful) come and go, but the truth, which is ever present, and totally accessible here and now, does not come and go. It cannot.

So, if one has an experience, and it goes, then my advice would be to try and find out, who is it this experience occurred to? Is there ‘someone’ always there? That’s the first step, the first question, in atma vichara, (inquiry into the nature of the self.)

Always I am
Always I shine

(from Advaita Makaranda [the Nectar of Nonduality])

~ Durga

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