meltdown is immanent


perception’s toolbox of technologies comes standard.
it’s hard-wired into sentient ‘be’-ings.

but ‘personal’ applications of those technologies, with the ensuing explanations, meanings and beliefs about objects/events perceived, are wholly acquired.

these acquisitions, imports from social consensus via parents, education, church and state, constitute the software called self.

don’t ask me how, but unclouded apperception of this phenomenon inserts a terminal virus into the hardware.

meltdown is immanent and inescapable.

~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness

shadowlight & shadowplay


flicker of sunlight on leaf

delicate line of light
scooting along spiderweb

soft shadow-dappled light
on patchwork paving

light creates the appearance of form
but all appearance
is shifting shadowlight –

the shadowplay of the Holy Unlit Light

~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness

being all-that-is



there’s a palm frond fluttering
there’s a whistler mindlessly twittering
there’s a bird whistling too, purposefully
there’s a person laughing
there’s a radio quacking
there’s autumn sunshine
there’s toothache and tiredness

there’s a brain in which all this is occurring …

a brain that is simply being-all-that-is



~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness