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When I launched this little blog in May 2009, I was clueless as to how to organize its contents – I didn’t even have a clear idea what would be written or included. All I knew was that there was a compelling movement to present material relevant to the enduring theme of nondual divine light | pristine awareness | mystical luminosity.

It’s only with retrospective reading of the posts – my own writing and that of others – that I see how they could have been more usefully grouped, and the *categories* better defined. So I decided to do a bit of reshuffling, hoping that items of specific interest to readers can be more easily accessed. (The *search* box – lower right sidebar – is also handy for tracking specific topics.)

This is an overview of the new groupings. To go to a separate page listing each individual category’s posts by date, please click on the title.

Guest posts, quotes and pithy inspirations from other writers as well as she-who-scribbles. In the main these will be directly relevant to the overall theme of this blog, but sometimes renegade gems might appear … just for the joy if it.

These posts speak of what I’ve come to call “the undoing”:  deconditioning a lifetime’s worth of unexamined and often non-negotiable assumptions via an inbuilt and slightly contrary curiosity, structured open dialogue (as envisioned by David Bohm), and self-inquiry (J Krishnamurti-style), koans offered by zen masters and by life, and the usual dose of brickbats and ballistics that make up a life.  My knapsack of myths probably differed little from the norm: tucked up and folded away were myths about enlightenment, permanence, control, doer-ship, and the monster-myth of a solid-state ‘me’.

From time to time, notes from this series of scribblings have been randomly posted here. The notes are about the melt-down of the solid-state, separate,  ‘me’ myth mentioned above – and the consequences as they unfolded in my day-to-day life during the first shaky year.  They have a site of their own – – where they are being (retrospectively) posted from the beginning – day 1.  The whys and wherefores are set down in that site’s “about” page.  If Emptiness wishes, some might still turn up here.

Art, poetry, creativity and the myriad ways the ineffable performs the paradox of presenting itself; a kaleidoscope of offerings from my own pen and brush as well as those of others.

Sometimes things get personal. Sometimes I want to give thanks to beloved life for mothers and family, for inspirational human beings performing incredible acts of generosity and courage, for extraordinary teachers and their teachings, for good health and a reasonably sane brain, for good fortune and courage and strength to just keep going.

It’s one thing to wake up to one’s myths and stories.  It’s another altogether to face the fallout from a lifetime of physiological contractions around the accompanying fears and aversions.  The banished, unwelcome, unacceptable versions of oneself are all lingering below the limn of conscious experience, and when the myths vacate there’s suddenly space.  Nice, but.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and the exiles come in from the cold.  There’s soul-work to be done and it’s called forgiveness, contrition, healing.  You don’t need to concern yourself with anything apart from awareness however – miraculously, graciously, it will all take care of itself.  (Which isn’t to say it’ll be fun.)

Featuring writing from some of the women whose names appear on the wideawake women page. There are also compilations from other bloggers about women of wisdom, and a few video presentations.

Because this blog features writing, poetry and videos from various contributors, I’m adding this page of links to my own writing and poetry so that anyone interested can easily access them without having to scroll and search.


NB – apart from the *echoes from emptiness* and *miriam louisa* categories, which feature my own writing exclusively, all categories include a mix of my own writing and that of others. If an attribution to someone else doesn’t appear, the writing will be my own. Please respect all intellectual property and include attributions and links to relevant sites if you re-post or publish. Thank you.
– miriam louisa

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