Blogamigos are listed first (in no particular order).

Please note that many of the teachers listed on the wideawake women page also write on blogs – you’ll find links to their blogs on their websites.

Please scroll down the page to find webamigos.

A Healing Space (Matt Licata)  (Hariod Brawn)

The Ten Thousand Things (Robert Saltzman)

Being Silently Drawn  (Poetry, quotes and photography)

Love is a Place (Quotes, poetry, photography)

Garden of the Beloved (Poetry by Chuck Surface)

The Heart of the Matter (Amrita Skye Blaine)

Nonduality blog (Jerry Katz)

Non-Duality America (Matthew K)

All finite things reveal infinitude (Claire Beynon)

Feeling to Infinity  (Bob O’Hearn)

Non-Duality Press Blog  (Richard Sylvester and others)

Life Beyond the Image (Takuin Minamoto)

The Advaita Channel (Francis Lucille)

Nonduality Living  (James Waite)

Uradiance  (Fred LaMotte)

Songs of Wisdom  (John Hanagan)

Echoes from Emptiness (Miriam Louisa)

Vanishing Narrative (Dominic)

Oceanspeak and more  (Dorothea Mills)

Just Rest (Vince Flammini)

Enlightenment for No One (Maury Lee)

Mystic Meandering (Christine Kennedy)

Non-duality Cartoons (Bob Seal)

Clare Flourish  (Clare Flourish)

Stillness Speaks (Chris Hebard)

Past Seeking (Roy Townsend)

Unanimous Tradition / Tradición Unánime  (Alberto Martin Gomez)

Sat Sangha Salon  –  (An Inquiry in Being)


The webamigos list includes sites that are not blogs or groups, and that are not included on the wideawake women page.

Wei Wu Wei Archives

Rupert Spira (Contemplating the Nature of Experience)

Boundless Awareness (Michael A. Rodriguez)

Greg Goode (The Heart of Now)

Tina Koskelo  (Meditative Yoga and Yoga Nidra)

David Whyte (Poetry)

On Second Thought  (John Ptacek)

Shining World (James Swartz)

Scott Kiloby (Reflections on the One Life)

Leo Hartong (Awakening to the Dream)

Jeff Foster (Life Without a Center)

Peter Francis Dziuban (Consciousness is All)

7 thoughts on “blogamigos

    • Absolutely delighted to do so, dear Vicki!
      Your link wasn’t listed here because it appears on the wideawake women page.
      Thanks for making contact. You are a constant source for inspiration for me – and countless others.
      With much love
      ~ miriam louisa

  1. I’ve someone to add to your blogamigos list, miriam:
    Takuin Minamoto — Life Beyond The Image, at
    He hails from Tokyo, Japan.
    As I’m not realized I cannot evaluate him personally, but he appears authentic.
    (Did I just commit a self-contradiction?)

    Love and respect


    • Many thanks for this link, dear Ian. Takuin’s writing expresses a ruthless and uncompromising clarity. I like that very much indeed.
      Lucky you, that grace has led you to his wisdom.
      With love
      ~ miriam louisa

  2. A great list. It contains people I haven’t seen before, which is refreshing. Truth may be one but folks have to speak to our understanding and our metaphors. I’m not into bearded guys in funny hats delivering inscrutable Sanskrit, myself. That’s fine for one culture but I wasn’t born in that culture and have different understandings.

    One person on your list started off with Karate sparring, then card games, then Christianity, which would probably turn off a New Age fundamentalist ;’)

    I’m not into sitting meditation, but OTOH, I like to wash dishes with total efficiency and concentration. Same thing as meditation. Except at the end, instead of a sore bum, I also have clean dishes ;’)

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