the echoes

From time to time, notes from this series of scribblings have been posted here.

They have been stewing in the morphogenetic pot for seven years awaiting their form and time – and title.  I liked the recent incarnation: “Slow Death by Zafu” but feedback indicated it was a touch morbid!  Wee-me is touchy about relinquishing its solidity, unsurprisingly. Yet it never tires of seeking the very love it would melt into – if only it would melt.  The notes are really about this inevitable melt-down, and the consequences of it as it unfolded in the day-to-day life of she-who-scribbles.

The notes are now officially titled “Echoes from Emptiness,” and they have a site of their own where they are being (retrospectively) posted from the beginning – day 1.  The whys and wherefores are set down in the about pages.  If Emptiness wishes, some might still be posted here.

Who knows?

I hope you’ll visit!

~ miriam louisa

4 thoughts on “the echoes

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