mother meera

Mother Meera


The power of the Divine works in the silence.
People want lectures; I give them silence.
I do not speak but my force changes people completely.
– Mother Meera


Perhaps, if one is fortunate, it will come to be understood that there are beings amongst us whose field of energy transcends the norm. We come near them and we are affected by their Presence. The Dalai Lama is an obvious example, and there are many others – some have a high profile as sages, shamans and teachers, others mingle anonymously within our society. These beings are the full embodiment of what is called The Great Perfection in Dzogchen teachings. In the West we call them saints. We know them by the palpable nature of their energy field, and by the way we begin to resonate in harmony with that energy. We also come to the inexplicable awareness that their ‘power’ – their fully embodied Presence – can over-ride the laws of physics in an instant.

Mother Meera is such a being. Her silence is pure Presence. And this is her gift to humanity: if you present yourself to her in humility and openness, you will find yourself received, acknowledged, and absorbed into the spacious awareness that she is – and that you yourself are. You will recognize the unlit light that lives you and knows itself through your experience. You will be One with that primordial beingness.

Mother’s gift is simple, unadorned with ritual of any kind, direct and freely given in the silent procedure called Darshan. Some folk find there aren’t nearly enough bells and whistles, and the gift passes them by in its subtlety. For this is something the mind cannot conceive of; thought cannot touch it; words fall silent in impotence.

Words you can get anywhere…
– Mother Meera

I speak from experience. This remarkable woman appeared in my lifestream some twenty five years ago, at a time when I was weary of words and concepts about Truth and starved for a somatic knowingness. I was also starved for love.

Mother Meera unzipped my heart, drenched me in a bliss I can only call Divine, and threw me in the deep end of an unfathomable ocean of unfolding. Her work – in my case anyway – is about transformation in the dark unlit places, the shadowy denials and dishonesties harbored below the limn of consciousness. She brings it all to Light, to integration, wholeness, holiness. It is never easy. In fact it’s often almost unbearable, but the Divine Love one slowly begins to recognize as the source and substance of one’s existence is always available to nurture and bless as the process proceeds.

It goes without saying that this recognition has profound implications in one’s life. To begin with, it becomes inescapably evident that there is only One Life happening here, regardless of the infinity of ways in which it appears. Everything one/One was seeking is here, now, in just this – and unavoidably so. The gap into which we disappear when genuine creativity is flowing is this very source – the womb of creation.

I have been blessed to have met and been taught by great souls. Most were men whose words were powerful pointers to the indivisible and unchanging Truth I was seeking. I honor them deeply.

But it was Mother Meera who unveiled that changeless and inescapable Truth with just a look and a touch.

No words necessary.

– miriam louisa



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