26 thoughts on “dedication

  1. Your mother has a BEAUTIFUL face. It is wide open, joyful and awake. Great picture. You lucky girl!

    Yes, we do need more sites and more exposure for female teachers. The pathless path does not belong to men.

    • Thank you maury!
      Yes, what good fortune to be born to such a woman!
      This picture takes me straight into her joyous heart.
      It makes me very happy to know that you recognize her beauty.

      • Oh yes indeed – and I fold my hands in gratitude for every one of you!

        I am so happy that Hariod introduced me to your blog, John – what an oasis of wisdom and compassion you have created. It is a privilege to meet you.

        In this wonder and wisdom, with respect and glee

        Miriam Louisa

  2. Oh Susan it is such a gift to be able to share the perfume of her Being in this way – and to know that it is received by those who can appreciate it.

    I honor her this way. All that I am and understand is thanks to her. She was my #1 Guru, I guess.

    Yes. We are the lucky ones.

    (I can hear her tinkling laughter …)

    Love to you – and your dear Mother too –

    miriam louisa

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  10. I copied both two aliveawake ones. What a joy to look at. Is this the Mother Meera that Andrew Harvey wrote about?

    • It is indeed, dear Leelah. It was through Andrew’s writing that I came to meet Mother Meera. She has embodied the Holy Mother for me in ways that are impossible to explain. I thank her for stripping me of all that clouded the Great Knowing – it was my request, and it seems the Mother (in whatever guise we approach her) never fails to respond to a prayer earnestly offered. (One day I will tell you precisely what I asked of her…)
      Love, m

      • I was very close to travel to her once. Then I read Andrews sad story about his relationship to her and dropped the idea. But before that, I had her images up to look – at door posts – so you have my mail, and i invite that day when you will tell me to come:)

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  17. Here I am again, for the second time saving this photo of a radiantly alive Being. Wondering if I may show it to others who asks what I mean with being awake?
    (And – will you now tell me what you asked of Mother Meera? 🙂

    • I will tell you Nina. But I have no idea where my question came from. It just appeared without premeditation.
      I silently asked, as she peered into my eyes, “What does it mean to be humble?”
      Her answer echoed within my brainspace:
      “I will show you.”
      And so the work began.
      See her if you can.

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