This blog presents a mélange of comments and confessions concerning this unlit lightbrighter than the light of a thousand suns – in which, right now, your perception of this web page and the deciphering of these words is happening.


– unknowable Light of Being-ness
– vast unoriginated self-luminous wisdom space
– naked, nondual, primordial Awareness
– changeless immeasurable Presence
– ordinary, everyday Buddha mind

so many inadequate words for your bright beingness!

NB: Please don’t imagine that this unlit light is some separate object doing the perceiving and deciphering. It does zilch, yet cannot be separated from these functions. It is not categorizing, interpreting, or conceptualizing. These functions spring from thinking’s database of memory and conditioning. If you are inclined to inquire into them, the inquiry will again be arising within this unchanging, utterly impartial unlit light.

… and this Light does know all other light as its shadow

About Comments

Your comments are always welcome.

I am delighted when readers take the time to write a comment; I am often inspired by your appreciation, your views and the information you share.

Having said that, first-time comments are always moderated.

As the blog has settled into its own little niche in cyberspace (over 25,000 views thus far!) it has attracted the usual share of spam and comments that are irrelevant or inappropriate. I delete these without hesitation.

For the sake of easy reading and enjoyment I suggest that comments are kept short. If you wish to contribute relevant information, please do so via a link to the material on the source website. You are also most welcome to email me at emellesse[at]gmail.com.

Thank you.

– miriam louisa


16 thoughts on “about

  1. “… and this Light does know all other light as its shadow”

    This light doesn’t know any other light at all!

    Truly — all is this Light.

    For everyone (paradoxical as that may sound — it isn’t, though).

    Love and Peace…

    • Couldn’t agree more dear Tim.
      But that’s how the phrase landed in this pain-wracked brain. Biblical-speak almost.
      Koan-like, it was a wondrous riddle for years. Until it wasn’t.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting … Love and Peace to ‘you’ too … Lightbeam Tim ~ ml

      • Thanks, ml — drop on by my Yahoo group sometime, if you like and have the time (it’s in the website link). It’s kind of more ‘hardcore’ advaita, direct pointing, but there’s never any flaming or conflict there.


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    • Thank you dear Aalif – for the nomination and for your lovely feedback!

      Some years ago this little blog became an award-free zone. But that doesn’t mean I’m not touched by your generosity.

      Again – thank you, Liebster!

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  5. Thank you Miriam for including mySelf in your ‘wide awake women’ list 🙂 WordPress sent a ‘your year of blogging’ data and your inclusion is inviting people to check out the Right Here, Right Now Blog…lovely to find this out and to find you and your lovely poetry, and lovely heart – it seems to myself that your heart is spilled all over these pages and that is a wonderful happening!
    with love, Canela

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