an abyss of light

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought;
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.


Sandra Bowden: One Hundred Percent


There is at the back of all our lives an abyss of light, more blinding and unfathomable than any abyss of darkness; and it is the abyss of actuality, of existence, of the fact that things truly are, and that we ourselves are incredibly and sometimes almost incredulously real.

It is the fundamental fact of being, as against not being; it is unthinkable, yet we cannot unthink it, though we may sometimes be unthinking about it; unthinking and especially unthanking.

For he who has realized this reality knows that it does outweigh, literally to infinity, all lesser regrets or arguments for negation, and that under all our grumblings there is a subconscious substance of gratitude.

– G. K. Chesterton

Gratitude to Love is A Place

Artwork by Sandra Bowden: One Hundred Percent, from the series, Reflections of Glory.
Gilded encaustic panels, 100 5”x 5” gilded squares.

“Artists do not merely put on canvas what can be seen. They try to uncover something beyond the range of the eyes. I believe that art is a means to illuminate both the interior life and the exterior world, both seen and unseen.  I hope Reflections of Glory will lead those who see the exhibition beyond the edge of their consciousness into a place of splendor, wonder and transcendence.”


10 thoughts on “an abyss of light

  1. M.L.: It is only recently that I feel some common experience with what Chesterton describes. Here, for years the abyss was dark, and the peace found therein made the world bearable. Recently, ( from “beyond the darkness”) luminous joy has infused what was merely peaceful, transforming peace to bliss, spilling over into activity in spontaneous expressions of vitality in motion. It seems like this “spiritual journey” exceeded the mere cessation of suffering, and that makes further exploration ever more inviting. Thank you for your blogs; if I ever want a blessing they are always here. Love, d

    • Dominic – such an exquisite confession – thank you.

      I love the way you describe the spontaneous unfolding from peace to bliss to vital aliveness in action… yet first, it seems, there must be a willingness to abide without expectation in the ‘dark’. It’s like a time of gestation in the womb – immersed in peaceful presence; then the bursting forth into relationship with a wider livingness. And who knows where it might go as we explore further?

      Your appreciation of the blogs warms my heart. We’ve been co-travellers for quite a while, haven’t we!
      Bowing low,

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