where the light begins

Peter Zumthor - Bruder Klaus Chapel


As we turn towards our yearly habit of ritualising the New Now, let’s pause for a breath or two and be reminded of our sacred mission.
Jan Richardson: Where the Light Begins

Perhaps it does not begin.
Perhaps it is always.

Perhaps it takes
a lifetime
to open our eyes,
to learn to see
what has forever
shimmered in front of us

the luminous line
of the map
in the dark

the vigil flame
in the house
of the heart,

the love
so searing
we cannot keep
from singing,

from crying out
in testimony
and praise.

Perhaps this day
will be the mountain
over which
the dawn breaks.

Perhaps we
will turn our face
toward it,
toward what has been

our eyes
will finally open
in ancient recognition,
willingly dazzled,
illuminated at last.

Perhaps this day
the light begins
in us.

 – Jan Richardson, from Circle of Grace, Wanton Gospeller Press

Jan Richardson’s website

Circle of Grace on Amazon

Image and source: Peter Zumthor – Bruder Klaus Field Chapel.
For more information about this extraordinary sacred space see archdaily.com

Gratitude to Claire Beynon for sharing this timely poem on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “where the light begins

  1. Your light shines pretty bright M.L. we can see it all the way from our home in here in the USA. Thank you for sharing so much, and may your days be bright always your nights serene, and your Heart free as a child laughter. MC

    • Michael! What a beautiful comment – thank you. Your own beacon is powerful and gratefully received here downunder. I love your wishes for my days, nights and Heart – volley! Let’s make this a wish for all beings throughout Creation.
      ml *bowing and laughing with delight* ❤

  2. Nice! Thank you for bringing our awareness to the Ubiquitous Light (Presence) that always just is…beyond tradition _/\_ “The Vigil flame in the house of the heart” – love that line. And the exquisite photo… Sweet, gentle reminders are always needed here…

    • Thank you dear Christine. May your Bright New Now be blessed with many “sweet gentle reminders”… and may your expression of this Inexpressible delight continue to flow on your blog. Thank you for all you share from your sweet generosity.

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