when you know yourself

Rajasthan, India, Tantric Painting


when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing that is not God

you know that the face of God
is the Face of faces
you know It as both He and She
and neither: nada
you know It as the Beloved
whose embrace you can’t escape
you know Its Presence as your
absence, or rather,
your secret sensuous melting
into the ever-nowness of your aliveness

when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing
that is not this immeasurable immensity,
always hiding in plain view

you know It as the Nameless One
wearing any nametag with equal delight,
quivering like a child’s smile
simply to be noticed

when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing that is not yourself

– miriam louisa

Image – Hindu Tantric painting, Rajasthan, India. Made using tempera, gouache, and watercolor on salvaged papers, these paintings from Rajasthan form a distinct lexicon dating back to the 17th century. They were/are used to awaken heightened states of consciousness. They are not produced for commercial purposes, but simply pinned up on the wall for use in private meditation.
In the example above, the lingam and the yoni have swapped their traditional colour depictions; the intense black of the lingam has become pink and the pink of the yoni is now black. (Lest we forget that the Dance of Consciousness is infinitely mutable, utterly defying all labels.)
The lingam represents Shiva, the transcendental source of all that exists; the yoni is the creative power of nature and represents the goddess Shakti.  The lingam united with the yoni represents the nonduality of immanent reality and transcendental potentiality.

Tantra Song: Tantric Painting from Rajasthan


6 thoughts on “when you know yourself

  1. Exquisite work as ever ML; many congratulations to this ownerless gift. Coincidentally, I am just about to order the book you link to as a gift for an artist friend. I saw some captivating images from it elsewhere a while ago. H ❤

    • Thank you for your appreciative comment dear Hariod. I’m late with my reply – a mix of international travel and the ‘flu has kept me away from the computer.

      It’s wonderful that you understand the dynamic of this “ownerless gift”… and I am delighted to hear that you’ve ordered a copy of Tantra Song for your friend. It is a treasure; one of my bedside tomes – I could even call it my “pillow book”! Chuckles.

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