the one outshining light

Sufi dancer; Light Outshining


‘I’ and ‘you’ are but the lattices,
in the niches of a lamp,
through which the One Light shines.

‘I’ and ‘you’ are the veil
between heaven and earth;
lift this veil and you will see
no longer the bonds of sects and creeds.

When ‘I’ and ‘you’ do not exist,
what is mosque, what is synagogue?
What is the Temple of Fire?

– Mahmud Shabistari


Mahmud Shabistari was one of Sufi’s greatest poets of the 14th Century. Stressing the One Light that exists at the heart of all religious traditions, his work is one of the clearest and most concise guides to the inner meaning of Sufism, and offers a stunningly direct exposition of Sufi mystical thought in poetic form.
–  Poet Seers

In this new video Rupert Spira explains with precision and clarity how this unlit light is not external to ourselves, but the self-luminous Knowingness of everything we perceive. Never lit because never not-lit; never to be found because never-lost; never to be escaped because it is the very essence of our Being.

The video is from Rupert Spira’s Facebook page; you can also find it at his website.
The poem by Mahmud Shabistari, and the stunning image, are from Dean Keller at one of my favourite blogs:
The Beauty we Love

5 thoughts on “the one outshining light

  1. Thank you posting this exquisite verse Miriam. I wonder, could we perhaps persuade Mr. Obama to drop a few million copies of it across Iraq and Syria?

    Thank you also for posting the video of Rupert Spira. I had heard many mentions of him over the years though never witnessed or read his work. He’s bang on the money isn’t he; wonderful stuff!

    All best wishes to you.

    Hariod. ❤

    • Yes dear Hariod – and a few million copies for the ISIS fundamentalists too… oh what a sorry scenario the belief in separation generates.

      I’m glad you appreciate Rupert’s clarity. I’m not sure, but I think he and Ellen live in Shropshire. That’s not far from you, is it? He’s a rare soul – wise, as well as outstandingly creative. Some of his writing and ceramic works are featured on my website ‘the awakened eye’.

      Love and gratitude to you.
      – ml

      • I had a good look at Rupert’s ceramics yesterday online, and in fact collect British Studio Pottery myself. I have lots of Svend Bayer’s pieces, and like Rupert, Svend trained under Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge. It appears that Rupert lives, or at least certainly works, in Oxford from what I can gather, which is about 85 miles from me here in Glastonbury; I must go and visit his pottery there.

        Love and gratitude to you too ml.


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