this shines on regardless

Bill Viola - Catherine's Room, Scene 1


This shines on

whether I’m in bitch mode or radiating benevolence

whether I’m depressed or enjoying equanimity

whether I’m achingly weary or frolicking tirelessly.


This shines on

whether my bookshelves are stacked with scriptures, chick-lit, crime or porn

whether my shoes are microfiber or leather, my coat cotton or mink

whether my fridge is piously vegan or robustly carnivore.


This shines on

whether my philosophical tendencies veer towards the scientific and secular

or the mystical and metaphysical

whether I’m a closet optimist disguised as a cynic

or a knee-jerk nay-sayer, jus sayin


Don’t be fooled. This shines on

– pristine, incorruptible –



This shines on

whether you agree with me as you scan these words

or jump to defend your own view

whether you accept me as a flicker of the vast Light we are

or turn your back on our inextricable intimacy.


This shines on

and in, and from, and through, every perception,

every experience of every face and fact of World

known by human and non-human Knowingness

(and I exclude nothing, no thing in creation

from that capacity for Knowingness).


This shines on.

The sages call it Reality, but beware: it’s not a thing, an object

or even a state. To name it is to turn from it, but it could care less.

It shines on regardless.


– miriam louisa

To be continued: The implications…

Image: Bill Viola – Catherine’s Room, Scene 1

9 thoughts on “this shines on regardless

  1. What a wonderful mix of diversity this piece captured.

    Something stepped inside my soul
    and I knew I was more
    than a boy with a skull.
    But this has always been,
    I was simply unaware of
    thoughts that breathe
    and the abundance of
    mushrooms after rain. So
    come, walk with me a while,
    let us talk of unknown regions,
    of dark winters, and
    of swords made of
    unsheathed lightning.

    – from a recent poem I wrote.

  2. This work is so beautifully formulated Miriam; and your words cut through the false and manifold qualifiers and agendas deemed necessary for unicity to be apparent, as if it were somehow constructed and conditioned into being. Even dry logic tells us that this is absurd, and that by definition a unicity excludes nothing. The paradox of seeking continues, until the seeking mind dissolves upon chattering to itself ‘how can I be as one with the tree?’; then seeing it’s own beautifully absurd folly, it goes about laughing with the tree.

    Hariod. ❤

    • Thank you dear Hariod, I appreciate your always-wise comments. It seems so strange that we love to speak of wholeness, and oneness, and “unicity”, while continuing to stand somehow outside It, still hungry for the cookie. For a while.
      As you point out, the absurdity becomes unavoidable eventually; and then – what a free-fall occurs. I went to sleep chortling, and woke up three days later. 🙂

  3. “t could care less” set in motion a delicious movement into this it, becoming it for timeless seconds
    looking forward to the continue

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