the realisation of radiance

A luminous piece today written and illustrated by Chameli Ardagh

This Unlit Light: Painting by Chameli Ardagh - The Queen of Trust

You are the light of awareness
embodied in time and space.

Embodied awareness brings forth
embodied consciousness,
which is radiant light.

Bring your attention to the field of luminous awareness
that illuminates your experience right now.
Without this clear light of awareness
you would be without experience.

You cannot think or imagine your way
to this natural luminosity, although it
illuminates your thoughts and memories
and everything else in your experience,
as it is also illuminating itself.

Light illuminates light.

The primordial Shakti,
the Light of Manifestation,
is this self arising luminosity which permeates:

1~ the object of your awareness
2~ the one who is aware,
3~ and awareness itself.

Becoming aware of awareness
within yourself and others is
Sri Vidya, the realization of radiance.

In your embodiment practice you unclench
the fixation onto the appearances in the mind.

By recognizing and relaxing the automatic
mental and physical and emotional
reactivity towards your experiences,
the energetic knots in your body softens
and more Prana Shakti (breath and life force)
is allowed to flow through.
You open as a translucent and continuously unfolding
embodiment of luminous awareness

Lead me from opacity to clarity.
Lead me from the complicated to the simple.
Lead me from the obscure to the obvious.

Lead me from confrontation to wide openness.
Lead me to the place I never left,
Where there is peace, and peace.

– Upanishads

Practice – the Realization of Radiance

Rest in an open focus of the radiant field of awareness,
hold that which you are experiencing
within the awareness field of light.

Experience the object that the
light of your awareness is illuminating,
and the field of illumination both at the same time.

Thinking and feeling, sensation and memory,
fantasy and desire are all of luminous nature
as is your own awareness.

Art (The Queen of Trust) and words by Chameli Ardagh at Awakening Women

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5 thoughts on “the realisation of radiance

  1. Is that prayer at the end a paraphrase, or an interpretation of the original? In either case it seems to me to be superfluous as such, and even detracting from the beauty and simplicity of the latter.

    The prayer is located in the Brihadaranyaka Up. at 1.3.28, and the usual rendition in English (I checked three different Upanishads) is always as follows, with may be a very sight variation:

    Lead me from the unreal to the real.
    Lead me from darkness to light.
    Lead me from death to immortality.

    • Thanks for your comment Alberto – I’m not sure, but it would seem Chameli has spun her own poetic lines from the original. I personally find them beautiful, and readers have commented elsewhere with their appreciation. I understand your reaction – since you are such a devout scholar of the original scriptures. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to give a nod to the Upanishads as the source of inspiration rather than actual credit. However, I have posted the text as Chameli wrote it, in good faith. I’m also mindful of the fact that English is not her first language – she is actually Norwegian.
      In gratitude and respect
      – ml

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