hold them to your heart

Image credit: Awakening Women on Facebook


they will tell you
to never bow down
before anyone

they will tell you
not to give away
your “own” power

they will pour scorn
on your invocations
and your prayers

they will dismiss
your open-hearted ache
for all things wild and abused

they will laugh
at your love affair
with silence

hold them to your heart –
they know not what they do

they do not know
the open secret
too obvious for the intellect,
too close to be grasped

they do not know
the bliss of humility
that bathes the body
and silences the mind
when one has melted into All
and all flows into One

expressing as It wills
(and knowing it, or not)

– miriam louisa


Image credit: Awakening Women on Facebook

4 thoughts on “hold them to your heart

  1. Thank you again Miriam – this whole poem speaks volumes

    “hold them to your heart –
    they know not what they do”

    Deep humility does not fight or resort to violence in word, attitude, or opinionated ‘strike-backs’ because someone does not see what you see. Sure, a frustration may ebb and flow inside our heart at the constant bombardment of innuendo and mockery, hostility and misunderstanding. Yet even behind our vexations lies not a vengeful attitude sporting arrogant superiority, rather, there is a sad longing that the joy and beauty you have experienced would bring to the other an even deeper clarity than what you currently see.

    Sadly many of us are so prone to slam the blind for being blind, for beating cripples that cannot yet walk, but a time will come in which all things will be made plain.


    • Dear Steve – it’s such a joy to receive your appreciative and wise comment. When these words “downloaded” I had some reservations about the potential for misunderstanding in the dualistic language. I’m so happy you understood me correctly; you recognised the compassion which is present when it is known, unarguably, that all we construe to be “other” is the play of the One in all its manifestations.

      Yes – comes the instant when all things are “made plain” – when separation melts back into intimacy, and the Divine shines in plain sight. It is not, however, in some future time! I know you know this.


  2. Beautiful! The last verse of your poem reminded me of that wondrous stanza in the Rig Veda which I think I posted previously for you. At the centre of the all-pervading darkness before creation… before creation, Love rose as an unbeatable power – nothing (appearances) could resist or overcome it:

    (… there was nothing beyond… Therein, in the void, by the fire of fervour arose the ONE).

    And in the ONE arose love. Love the first seed of the soul. The truth of this the sages found in their hearts: seeking in their hearts with wisdom, the sages found that bond of union between being and non-being.

    Who knows in truth? Who can tell us whence and how arose this universe? The gods are later than its beginning: who knows therefore whence comes this creation?

    Only this god who sees in highest heaven: he only knows whence comes this universe, and whether it was made or uncreated. He only knows, or perhaps he knows not.

    Rig Veda X. 129

    • I share your enthusiasm for “that wondrous stanza” Alberto. The last sentence was always such a mystery for me… Now, as Robert says, it is “made plain”. Yet the wonder remains.

      Thank you for this beautiful contribution.

      – ml

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