emptiness blossomed as bliss

Darshan with Mother Meera



those eyes

(darkly luminous, utterly empty)

looked into my heart



finding no watchman at the door

they waltzed right in,

blessed the space,

and emptiness blossomed

as bliss


oh Beloved!

we who are nowhere to be found

miraculously find each other

for an embrace of just seconds

in a dance

that spans eternity


2 thoughts on “emptiness blossomed as bliss

    • Dear Shanti Ma – thank you for sharing your resonance with this post. I was hesitant to publish it, but my heart had its way in the end.

      It’s been 13 years since I last sat in Meera’s Gracefield. My life now bears little resemblance to how it was back then. I was curious to see how the ‘now matrix’ would meet Mother’s after all these years – years that initially saw a denial of all things metaphysical, then, after the ‘freefall’, the humble acceptance of my complete and utter cluelessness …

      After darshan the poem simply wrote itself down. I was astonished. Yes, “How powerful, how utterly blessed.” I am overflowing with gratitude and praise. My heart is vibrant – bliss!!!

      Shanti, you are so loved. Thank you for all that you gift to us – your magazine is a treasure beyond price, and your wideawake wisdom is an inspiration for us all. May you be showered with rose petals and Mother’s Grace!

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