how could you not love something like that?

This is an unapologetic rant.

How could you not love something like that?


how could you not love something that

never leaves you
regardless of how often you ignore it?

that’s always self-shining –
never needing flint or switch or fuel?

that never changes
regardless of the vicissitudes of your daily experience?

that never takes sides
whatever person, team or nation you’re supporting,
whatever idea or opinion you hold?

that never breaks apart
even though your life appears to?

that never minds
n-e-v-e-r  m-i-n-d-s
that you spend your life running around looking for it
while it’s in your face the whole time?

how could you not love something like that?

something you can never escape,
and that’s so immanent
you are forced to accept it
as your own true identity?

how could you not then love
Y O U R S E L F ?

and everything arising
– thoughts, perceptions, memories, feelings –
within that inconceivable Self?

how could you not love that immensity which precedes
and includes all existence?

how could you not kneel at your own feet
in awe?


how could you pretend that your enlightened
heart-driven passion
was not the Great Passion of That
which holds the planets in their orbit?


how could you ignore the urge to pour
your energy and attention
into whatever opens your heart?




– miriam louisa

20 thoughts on “how could you not love something like that?

  1. ove loving love
    love breathing in love
    love breathing out love
    love neither breathing
    in nor out.

    love bathing in love
    love singing in-love
    love singing to love.

    oh love!
    its because of YOU (pure awareness),
    that i am graced only to re-discover
    that there be only love at plaY
    complete, part-less, ever present
    both in motion and in still.

    oh! and the greatest gift of all
    is the rediscovery
    (in that timeless notion titled “when)
    when love shines within itself
    lovingly whispering
    ” I am love”

    oh beautiful Miriam, a shinning mirror you are. (:

    • For some strange reason WordPress failed to send me these comments by email as is customary. So I just found your “oh” Leelah… this may be the briefest comment I’ve ever had on this blog! xx

  2. Oh dearest Miriam Louisa
    Tears are running down my face as I read these beautiful words
    Thank you with all my heart
    With love and gratitude
    Perth (AUS)

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