the miracle of your beautiful stupidity

Leunig: Curly-Pyjama Letters

From the incomparable Michael Leunig– bless his awakened heart.

In case you find the text difficult to read, here’s a transcription:

Dear Vasco,
I was delighted to receive your letter this morning and read the joyous news that you have finally embraced your stupidity and found such blessed relief. How very good for your heart Vasco. How marvellous! What a momentous achievement this embrace has been, and what a splendiferous liberation awaits you. What glorious songs the birds will now sing for you – great fugues of rapture, just you wait, as the miracle of your “beautiful stupidity” comes wobbling and clanking into your life and sets you free. My most extravagant congratulations Vasco and a warm welcome to the fold.
After I had read your letter I, straight away, seized my tin whistle and went up to the top field where I did a celebratory dance in your honor – a sort of weird jig. This was quite a stupid thing to do because the ground was slippery and muddy from the rain which was pelting down and I kept falling over and made quite a mess of my new corduroy trousers.
Still, I had a lovely bowl of soup for dinner this evening which was all the more delicious for me having fallen in the mud and I’ve never enjoyed a bowl of soup so much in all my life. It goes to show you, doesn’t it. I’d better hop into bed now because I’m feeling very pleasantly sleepy. The day is done. Goodnight Vasco,
Yours truly,
Mr Curly

13 thoughts on “the miracle of your beautiful stupidity

    • I always think of you when I post a Leunig titbit dear Clare. Yes – let’s celebrate! I was nicknamed “simple simon” (my surname is Simons) in school and loathed it – now I’m wearing the T shirt. Ha!

  1. Am I welcome with my delusions here? Well, thank you! I struggle to accommodate them in myself … which is ironic, because their manifestation came about as a struggle to accommodate something else.

    A bit of the beautiful Mr Leunig never fails to edify 🙂

    • You are welcome here suzieq777 (I love the sevens!) delusions and all. You will be in good company! Glad you share the Leunig appreciation. I reckon he should be named an Australian Living Treasure. Or, better still – let’s have him for PM!

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