a little prayer for the solstice

For most readers of this little blog, it’s the summer solstice that will be celebrated today.  But for those of us in the lands south of the Equator, today is the shortest day, the darkest day of the year.  It is winter.  And here on my misty mountain it is raining and chilly – a perfect day for a prayer to the Unlit Light – the Beloved known by a thousand names – the One that never fails to listen and to love.  It’s a deeply personal prayer – and yet, I know it is shared by you and you and you, no matter what your gender may be.


Bill Viola - Catherine's Room


may I be a mother
to the motherless


may I comfort them

may I give them shelter

may I foster their creativity

may I assure them they are loved

may I re-mind them of their brilliant life-fire


may I be shown the way


may I be a Mother Miriam

as was she who allowed me life:
Miriam ma




Image: Bill Viola – Catherine’s Room

Yes – you’ve seen this image here before – it’s one of my favorites:
today I light candles


19 thoughts on “a little prayer for the solstice

    • Dearest Susan – it feels more and more as though ‘Heart has me’. I am the bull with a ring through its nose – Heart is riding …

      Hmmm – another take on the Ox-herding pictures?


      ps – You and your dear mother are large in my heart; I pray you are finding the strength you need…

      • How beautiful that the heart has you. That is your deep wisdom too. 🙂

        And thank you for your warm wishes Miriam. We are managing!

        Much love to you…

  1. Cherishing your gentle bright light Dear Friend ~ your heart-song travels throughout the worlds ~ We are blessed ~ ♡ ~

    • Deborah – thank you for leaving the trace of your “grace and love” – isn’t it a marvel the way our global dualisms (summer / winter, etc) mirror our inner experience? Sometimes we have blue skies; sometimes they are heavy and grey. I am grateful for your prayer to my misty mountain… love… m

  2. Miriam, thanks for that lovely post, and Silence – and the Heart. Somehow your posts are often not showing in my Reader so I come and look on your blog as there is always the reminder to BE…….I feel you in your quiet retreat, and we are graced by your Presence….shanti…kai

    • Thank you Kai. I have that problem with my Reader too, so I signed up to receive an email whenever you post on your blog.

      How precious, this shared Silence, Heart and Presence.

      In deep joy – m

    • A beautiful comment dear Steve. Thank you. To be allowed the gift of Life! – the impact of this dawns so slowly for most of us. If we find it hard to touch the feet of our mortal mother in gratitude, we can always bow to the Holy Mother. No difference! That sacred Life is living itself EVERYWHERE.

  3. Miriam, this poem touched my heart today more than you can know. It touched the living embodiment of the compassionate Mother that lives within my own soul, and today, maybe even more prominently, it touched the abandoned human child within that still yearns for a compassionate mother, even at the age of 57. What a blessed mystery that abandonment can extend this opportunity to realize eternal belonging. Somehow you exemplify all of this for me . . . my deepest gratitude

    • And your comment, dear Shanti, touches me deeper than you can know or I can express. For it is in that wordless place that the Mother-of All touches us. Abandonment may very well be the hand of Grace – so too may be abuse, abortion, betrayal, loss of every unspeakable kind. I remember being told by my first ‘guru’ that disappointment is the greatest of all teachers. I understand this now, years later. Whatever leaves us threadbare of expectation allows Grace to seep through the splits. And floating on the tide of Grace are the small, quiet gifts of realization that enable us to “realize eternal belonging”. We are all in this together. Love, gratitude, and deep respect to you! m

  4. Hello Miriam,

    This is so very lovely…it reminded me of a poem my Aunt, a Swami of 30 years taught me:

    Be as humble as a blade of grass
    As enduring as a tree
    Show respect to those of no respect
    Chant Hare the name of God.

    by Lord Chaitanya

    I am new to blogland and setting my own up and discovered yours.

    You and your blogs are clearly another of lifes gifts to me…

    With peace and love

    • Welcome, dear Rose, to my little online gardens (thanks for the “link-love!”) – and to the joys of blogging about What Matters. I look forward to reading your posts.
      Your name … Rose … a symbol of the Divine Mother – how blessed!

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