a letter from home

[I can never leave – not for one heartbeat –
but I can write letters from home and this is one]


Letter to a friend


dear friend

are you looking for a sanctuary?
a place that’s private and quiet?
that’s rent-free, and can’t be bought or sold?

(you will never be evicted for any reason

that you don’t have to share – even with your family
or lovers – because you can’t?
that requires no maintenance?
that needs no insurance because it can’t be damaged?
that’s as large or small as you wish?
that you can take everywhere you go –
even when you have no fixed earthly abode
and you find yourself “homeless”?

that’s as solid as rock, yet lighter than a baby’s breath?
that has views onto both the temporal and the timeless?
that has a warm hearth glowing, and a welcome mat
with your name on it, at the door?

would you believe me when I say
it is wherever YOU are, no matter what your experience?

it’s wrong to say it’s close,
it isn’t even near

it’s simply right here, when thinking disappears

with warmest love

– miriam louisa


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17 thoughts on “a letter from home

    • Thank you @johncoyote – I’m happy you’ve found your way here, and delighted to have had an introduction to your blog and poetry. This poem was written just recently after several years of what society would term ‘homelessness’. Vagrancy! I’m as thick as a brick and Life had to put me on the streets big-time until I could confidently declare that I remain “at home” regardless of my circumstances. 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting, reading, and leaving your kind words, Melinda. Yes – it’s an archetypal journey – such a paradox, when one realizes there was nowhere to go in order to find what we were aching for… 🙂
      Love ~ ml

  1. “as solid as rock, yet lighter than a baby’s breath” This is a beautiful letter Louisa! All that you share in this, or other pages, – be it of your own or of others – is literally breathtaking. It is to be repeated, and emphasised as you do – relentlessly. Browsing through it today, I got to understand what Nisargadatta meant when he once refered as ‘the source of light’ being ‘dark’, this ‘light’ being ‘the source of your own being’, the place where ‘there is love and infinite energy’… ‘this unlit light’ you are referring to – if I understood you well – though I suspect you give to these words more than one meaning…
    I have a special file in my computer which I called ‘reflections’, with many pages in which I gather excerpts – offerings as you much better call them – from many sages, poets, and human beings from all walks of life. These pages are named jk, nm, et, rm, jt, dw, jf, jb, and so many others… A newcomer’s page has now joined the file : ml
    With many many thanks, ~ Alain

    • Dear, dear Alain – what a beautiful, generous and wise comment you have written. Thank you – I can’t express what it means to me that we have reconnected here (and on FB) after all these years, and that there’s this rare resonance … I feel so honored to have been assigned a wee file in your pc – in such inspiring company!
      With love and a deep bow
      Your friend ~ml

    • Thank you TT – your feedback is really heart-warming. I follow both your blogs; what fantastic resources you have created for both our well-being AND our adventures in blogging. Bowing deeply – ml

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