the metamorphosis of the me

If this “me” is not afraid of losing itself,

of no longer having anywhere to lay its head,

in short, when, pushed by the magnificent dynamism of doubt,

it is not afraid of disassociating itself from everything;

of rejecting its old associations,

and rejecting the new snares laid by the objects of the world in order to bind it to them;

of destroying the new entity which is being rebuilt on the ruins of the crumbling entity,

when this “me”, transformed into an incandescent torch

mercilessly burns all that is itself then one day,

becoming supremely conscious and no longer finding anything with which to associate,

that which remains of it leaps all together into the eternal flame which consumes all,

except the Eternal,

and being dead as an entity,

it is nothing but life.

~ Carlo Giuseppe Suarès
La Comédie Psychologique


mutation of the me

Image source: Au bout de la route blog
[If you can read French you’ll find this link very interesting – it’s a conversation between Suarès and J Krishnamurti.]

16 thoughts on “the metamorphosis of the me

    • Deborah – we so need these “reminders of those larger patterns” just now. My heart is with you and your friends and family in Boston.

      Thank you for this quiet unassailable resonance.

      • Miriam, saw this post on Deborah’s blog and especially like the immage. Can not find out who made it. Do you know? Vibeke

      • Hello Vibeke, thanks for your comment. I have no information about the image. As mentioned, I found it on the ‘Au bout de la route’ blog – perhaps the authors of that blog would be able to tell you more. I agree, it’s an amazing graphic.

        I’d appreciate the link to the blog you refer to as “Deborah’s” – thank you!

      • Hello Miriam, too bad I could not find the artist who created the beautiful immage. You can find links to Deborah by searching her full name in google. She makes encaustic paintings and write several blogs.

      • Vibeke – I replied to your first comment from my wordpress dashboard, and didn’t realize it was on Deborah Barlow’s thread – doh!

        Gratitude to her for sharing – and to you, for visiting. I hope you come back! 🙂

    • Dear Leelah – here we are, together breathing this brilliant Beingness.

      I’m sure you are aware that the word ‘breath’ has its root in the verb ‘to inspire’ – which in turn invokes ‘spirit’ . . .

      It is to honor that wondrous in-spir-ation that I write and share.

  1. I love the purity of in losing myself I find the oneness of being. Thank you for sharing this expression of wonderment.

      • Hello, Miriam, this is Diana Johnson, friend of Deborah, from my word press account. I frequently go by Di.

      • Hello dear Diana – thanks for identifying your self! I’m so happy you have visited here. Do you have a wordpress blog?

        One of the many things I thank FB for (I was so a-n-t-i for years) is our connection. Such resonance! Precious.

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