are you so sure you are not awake?

Enza Vita writes with refreshingly ruthless clarity on the myth of “awakening” as an experience, a state or some kind of esoteric attainment which will guarantee unshakeable bliss and the end of all one’s undesirable failings and foibles . . .


“I know I am still not awake, and I have a tremendous longing to be free.”


Are you so sure you are not awake?  Are you sure you understand what “awake” is?
Why do you think that you are not awake?  What is this I that is in this unenlightened condition?

All questions contain and perpetuate certain assumptions that we see as the boundaries in life.  While thinking that you are not “awake,” you are believing that you are somehow lacking something.  That is what is played over and over again in your mind, and it causes you great suffering.  Do not fall into that trap!  Go to the root.  What is it that is aware of this statement?  Realize what is at the root of that experience of not being awake and it will free you from the assumed limitations.

You are already free; however, this is a freedom that has never known bondage and so cannot even be called freedom.  This freedom doesn’t come from some action to attain it, but from the realizing of a freedom that has never been constrained.  As the seeker you feel bondage because of your belief in a separate I, a separate ego, and this ego imagines that this freedom means a freedom to do whatever it wants.

Real freedom is liberation from the bondage of the ego.  When the concept of an I goes, the question of freedom is resolved.  Then you are free to be in harmony with what is, as it is.

You already are this freedom pervading everything and everywhere.  All boundaries and limitations are in your imagination only.  Like the space in a room, you are already free.  Just like the four walls cannot contain the space within it, so the body-mind cannot contain awareness unless awareness is imagining itself imprisoned.

You see clouds in the sky, and they may pass in front of the sun, but does this change the nature of the sun?  Perhaps the clouds are signaling a coming thunderstorm, but does a storm change the nature of the sun?  Your thoughts and feelings are like these clouds.  They sometimes seem to obscure the light of your inner self, but they do not change it.  First see what you are.  Understand your true nature.  Then you see that what dances in front of you does not affect you at all.  Focus on that sunlight, and not on the clouds!


Enza Vita
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11 thoughts on “are you so sure you are not awake?

    • Are you sure, yarnspinner…?
      It’s not possible for Awareness to be partial. Awareness is always fully ‘on’, regardless of what is being ‘awared’.
      That’s why no one can truthfully claim to be “not awake”.
      When thoughts stop spinning a story about “awakening”, pure and perfect Awareness shines – just as it always has done. 🙂

      • Greetings.
        May be you are right.
        I do not want to appear argumentative, but to my mind awareness and being awake are different. Just as an example a person may be very aware about his rights but not so about his duties. This is in the material nature of things.
        In case you are referring to some esoteric perspective – I may well be quite wrong. 🙂

      • Good comment @yarnspinner. Words can be tricky here, and perhaps my use of Awareness (big A) could be considered esoteric. However, since this fundamental Awareness is common to all sentient creatures, it hardly qualifies as something mysterious.

        Your example is a good one. It begs a question though.
        Something is present and unaffected in both cases: there’s a Knowingness of both the awareness of “rights”, and the lack of it, in the case of “duties”.

        What is That?

        “That” is what is being pointed to here, and called Awareness – just one of the words we use to label the ineffable.

        It’s inescapable, which is why the sages laugh at the notion of attaining it or awakening to it. It is found to be the ultimate source of all that is material – indeed of all existence. You can easily check this out for yourself.

        Enjoy! 🙂

      • OK, I will agree though I do not believe it is so. I interpret awareness and awakening an enlightened state – a state when one is consciously aware of All.


    • That is a wonderful book Clare. I love DiMello’s writing. To me, his repeated calls to “Wake up!” were like an alarm clock jolting one out of the dream of “unawakeness”. Like saying “Wake up to your inescapable wideawakeness!”
      These words may sound like riddles until … they don’t any longer. But whether awareing riddles or the blatantly obvious, Awareness is unmoved and impartial…

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