what once felt like grief

Rashani Réa - what once felt like grief

Poetry and collage by Rashani Réa

Rashani needs little introduction to readers here – her beautiful poem the unbroken was posted many moons ago.  If you missed it, please click on the link  below.

Some months ago Rashani was so kind as to compile a couple of her little Card Decks with words from the several websites and blogs I cultivate online.  It’s taken me as many months to overcome my shyness, but I reckon I might be ready … and Rashani’s work is so beautiful it should be shared and celebrated regardless of my reluctance to be seen as some kind of “awakened” writer.  I’m just a scribbler who likes to see what gets written, and sometimes what gets written is amazing.  The crack in the world widens a fraction and Grace finds the gap.


Card Deck by Rashani Réa


Card Deck by Rashani Réa


I’d love to think you might have a look at these little ‘Altar’ decks at Rashani’s site. And while you’re there, have a browse through her collection of greeting cards, postcards, books, ebooks, and posters available for purchase. All proceeds go towards Rashani’s work at Kipukamaluhia, her home and retreat sanctuary in Hawaiʻi.

Rashani’s website

small card decks by Rashani


A new addition is a writer’s journal, inspired by the SAND conference last November. It includes more than forty of Rashani’s collages with words by women and men who are exploring and sharing nonduality. (Including yours truly.)

Rashani Réa Nondual Reflections Journal

The Nondual Journal has 144 pages and measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

It doesn’t seem to be loaded to Rashani’s website as yet, but you can order from her directly:

808 929-8043

Rashani’s poem:

the unbroken

9 thoughts on “what once felt like grief

    • Yes, dear Leslie – Rashani’s expressions are remarkable. She ‘knows’ what is vital here, with emelle, and shares that so generously – just as you do! Inexpressible thanks to you.

  1. ” I’m just a scribbler who likes to see what gets written, and sometimes what gets written is amazing. The crack in the world widens a fraction and Grace finds the gap.” would it feel better to say that the words come through you, not by you? any way, Grace really finds the gap

    • Thank you dear Leelah. There’s no sense here that what gets written is “by me”, nor that it comes “through” me. When the amazing words happen, “me” is entirely absent. Yet something catches them as they fly … something that is inseparable from them …

      I bow before this mystery.

      • I love that something, and for simplicity’s sake may I call it Miriam?:) – I feel the same with words and also images – and still, there is “something” that makes “your” art look different than “mine” – I guess one could call it voice, or flavor – signature maybe – just something about the form it takes that signals to me that this comes from/via the one I know who goes by the name of Miriam

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