infinite space and light

Vale, sweet, uncompromising Clara.

We are eternally grateful.


Awakened awareness without trace of thought
is the triumph of the sole One.

Clara Llum

Be aware that you are. Be aware that you are aware, right now.  At any given moment, rest in that simplicity of being yourself, free from labels or concepts of “myself.”  The very beingness, the very awareness is the constant “you”, the true you, faceless, formless, empty, cognizant, all containing, all inclusive.

Be aware of being…  Aware of being aware.

Meditate, stay with this awareness that you are and that is you.

Worship it, dive in it, make of it your home, and all will unfold.

Self-present awareness – awareness that is present in itself. Watch your watchfulness, be conscious of being conscious right now…

Aware-ing is happening, see it, know it, be with it, that’s all.

The mirror looks in the mirror, infinite space and light.

All enlightenment comes naturally from this. All wisdom, all peace, all realization.

~ Clara Llum


Via:  Jerry Katz  at the Nonduality Highlights

6 thoughts on “infinite space and light

  1. The “All will unfold” broke it for me. Be aware- yes, I loved all that bit, yes, awareness, beautiful, meditation- then the promise of a result which is, well, happening too slowly for my liking. “I can’t be doing it right”.

    • “… stay with this awareness that you are and that is you.
      Worship it, dive in it, make of it your home, and all will unfold.”

      Clara would say: have you made it your home, dear Clare? do you worship only this that you ARE? or is there still a story about slowness and rightness running?

      (Je me demande…)

  2. Lovely, I wish I had known her but I will take her words as medicine for the heart. She is obviously a bright light… I’ve downloaded the interview as well… Thank you…

    • Yes, dear C, medicine without a use-by date!
      Clara’s link was on the ‘wideawake women’ page from the beginning. Her passing is a poignant reminder that these “bright lights” are precious, fragile and temporal. What grace, to even be aware of their existence!
      In love, ml

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