love and joy, thanks and celebration

Sitting in my rainforest sanctuary on Christmas Day, alone and at peace, listening to the forest sing its hymns of praise, wondering when the mercury will stop climbing and the mozzies munching – noticing a little urge to send my thoughts of love and joy, thanks and celebration, to all the beloveds who join me on this wee patch of cyberspace.  I’ve shared my delight of the art and writing of Michael Leunig in other posts; this is his beautiful Christmas prayer.


Dear God, it is timely that we give thanks for the lives of all prophets,
teachers, healers and revolutionaries, living and dead, acclaimed or obscure,
who have rebelled, worked and suffered for the cause of love and joy.

We also celebrate that part of us, that part within ourselves,
which has rebelled, worked and suffered for the cause of love and joy.

We give thanks and celebrate.


Michael Leunig - Bush Christmas

Huge clouds of brown butterflies swirl up into the dazzling light, parrots swoop to grassy earth, honeyeaters ravish the sweet flowers of the bottlebrush, echidnas trundle steadily in search of each other, lizards dart among ants and ancient rocks, the fine branchlets of the manna gums quiver to the mating growls of koalas, ibises stroll and feast on grasshoppers and gleaming Christmas beetles hang from eucalyptus leaves like small green baubles. The birds sing gloriously and not a wrong note is heard. This is Christmas in the [Australian] bush.

For joy and meaning [let us] turn to our natural country and witness miracles of vitality and new life, of inspiration and profound beauty; all in some humble, quiet and improbable place.

I’m happy to confess that I am holed up in a “humble, quiet and improbable place.”  But whatever and wherever your place may be, I pray that your holy-days are a source of the miraculous, the vital, the beautiful and the sacred.

Quoted text from
Artwork by Michael Leunig

5 thoughts on “love and joy, thanks and celebration

  1. Thankyou for the wishes, the presence, the art of Leunig. here, on the other side I just took my skies on and had a lovely trip in the woods. No mosquitoes, for which I am very very grateful 🙂
    warm Holiday hugs for you my friend
    (I am through the nonexistent gate, by the no-way :-))


    • Hard to imagine the feeling of skiing through woods here – I tiptoe through rainforest picking leeches off my feet – longing for a breath of air that’s cooler than blood heat… The joys of summer in the tropics!

      Wising you joy and peace and fun for your New Year, dearest liberated Leelah. xx

  2. Love the prayer…the poetry of it all…the echidna trundling ( I just knew they trundled !) the warm weather wishes… and that one more is through the Gate.
    love, d
    [from these aggregates, the Capricorn Moon sends a deep bow with folded hands; the Cancer Sun sends a bear hug; the collective sends a large warm smile]

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