light pours like rain

Claire Beynon: Flotilla

pours light
into every cup,
quenching darkness.

The proudly pious
stuff their cups with parchment
and critique the taste of ink

while God pours light

and the trees lift their limbs
without worry of redemption,
every blossom a chalice.

Hafiz, seduce those withered souls
with words that wet their parched lips

as light
pours like rain
into every empty cup
set adrift on the Infinite Ocean.

~ Hafiz

Art by Claire Beynon

6 thoughts on “light pours like rain

    • I’m delighted Hafiz and Claire combined so well and resonated for you, dear C. And I’m warmed too – by your kind comment. May all the little Lifeboats “adrift on the Infinite Ocean” open their arms to the Light that shines on (and pours like rain) regardless … 🙂

      • Oh my, I thought the art was yours dear ml. 🙂 Didn’t see the credit at the end. So went to Claire’s link just now. Exquisite and Very Poignant! I love the imagery of these little open boats: receptive, floating peacefully on the Infinite Ocean, always filled with Light… And I love how It can’t be otherwise…

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