grounded by love

This post is reblogged with gratitude from Pema Deane’s The Vibrant Heart.

Pema’s posts often have an uncanny serendipitous resonance with the unfoldings happening here.  I love her deep wideawake expression.  It gifts us that rare mix of savage wisdom and heart-full compassion.

Many of us in this extremely challenging and beautiful time of Self-realization go through periods where the experience of having a vital and energetic body is a distant memory.  And every attempt to restore wellness eventually comes back to ground zero.  We are left in ‘nothing works’ and ‘no control’.  Grounded by Love.

This is the time to let all ruminations about fixing go and simply receive the offering of the aches and pains of a broken body.  This is the time to see that every ache is like a kiss from the Beloved saying “Not here, love.  Not here.”  The answer is not here in the body.  Not only is the answer not in fixing it, it is nowhere near the body at all.

It is found in the seeing that a well body and a broken body are one in kind, they are both illusion.  That a clear, light body has no more value than a body filled with energy that is purging and releasing – they are both imagined into existence.

It is cultivated in the gentle, firm and knowing ‘so what’ and ‘nothing matters’ arising in the face of unwellness.

The body’s welfare is pre-ordained, the script already written.  Can we walk through the play holding its hand, letting the newly-shining truth of its unreality and ‘not mattering’ open the heart to great mercy and tenderness for all that is not real.  Mercy for the unresolvable issue in our lives, whatever that may be, for how in its unwavering relentlessness it is waking us up out of the heart of misidentification;  its tugs on our attention losing their strength through the sheer exhaustion of their known ineffectuality.

We rise up as true Self in the midst of the unfixable.  This is its job and this is its grace.  The rising up of the internal Real that sheds light on the unreality of all that is temporal.

~ Pema Deane

7 thoughts on “grounded by love

  1. How cogent this posting is! I am in the midst of moving to new living quarters, which I detest. And why do I detest it? Pain – that’s one big reason. My 63 year old degenerating spine is compressing the nerve pathways to my limbs, making it difficult to pack up and move the (literally) tons of books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, and hobby items that I cling to so tenaciously.
    Ostensibly, I am moving to save money, so that I might be able to perhaps survive a bit longer – for the purpose of staying in pain (?) and be of service to the bodies of those persons I love. Hah
    It’s one big mish-mash of discomfort no matter how I slice it. I wonder why I do it…

  2. The brief appearance of a body does not make it an illusion. Is not the body, broken or whole made up of the same elements as star dust? Bodies are simply temporary structures within the One, like light momentarily condensed into form. Nor that something is imagined into existence by the One make it any less than the One for having being imagined. Is the sigh on the lips of the Beloved illusion? Does not the smile in your heart spread endlessly across all the universes?

  3. Very, very dear Pema, Leigh, Monica, Thomas, Leslie and Willie – thank you for leaving your beautiful comments on this post. I’ve been traveling in regional Queensland with limited internet access, so my usual habit of responding individually has been disrupted…
    With love always ~ ml

    ps – Willie! “why I do it…” ??? Do you do it? Really? This body is 68 and knows about pain and exhaustion, believe me. But it’s stopped imagining there’s a slave-driver in control because nothing, no one could be found. Yet packing and moving happens – I’ve been doing it recently too 🙂

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