the cathedral of emptiness


saying ‘yes’ to your heart’s longing for silence

requires an unapologetic ‘no’ to the world

with its ceaseless need to script your story.


The world will dissect your motives, analyze your actions, categorize your traumas;

it will never accept your silence.

Silence is the word-wielding world’s worst enemy; you may well be spurned,

even by those who claim affection for you.


But your heart, quivering with quiet,

will deliver you into the cathedral of emptiness –

where the “roar on the other side of silence”

– the holy nameless name –

sounds existence into shape and form.

– miriam louisa

21 thoughts on “the cathedral of emptiness

    • Thank you, dear Deborah, for the many mornings I am nourished by your exquisite posts at *Slow Muse*.

      Bless the serendipity of our exchanges – and the synchronicity that sends our words winging their way to where they are needed…

  1. This is so, so beautiful. Thank you. I just this week wrote about silence. I hadn’t thought before about how in some ways silence is subversive in this world of noise and talk, but I absolutely agree. Lovely. xo

  2. i’ve just found your space here on the web–i was looking at photos online while writing and suddenly needed to search the phrase “the unlit light”–and here you are! i love the writing. thank you.

    • How beautiful that you followed the “need” to search … and that you found your way here! Welcome dear one. Thank you for sharing that little synchronicity and for your kind feedback.
      Gratitude ~ ml

  3. The World will seek to define you.

    Jesus’s “Broad and narrow way”- the Broad way is trying to conform, to be normal, to fit in with how the World is. The narrow way is being entirely and idiosyncratically yourself.

    • Clare – thanks for your apt and wise comment – and for alerting me that it had been sent to my spam folder. I haven’t a clue why it went there, but I understand other bloggers have been having Akismet problems since WP handed over control of spam…

      Your comments are treasured, always. Definitely not “er, processed meat” 🙂
      Love ~ ml

  4. This is a beautiful poem. I have just sent it to my daughter for her 19th birthday gift, as she travels around the west coast….. thank you for writing it. Blessings, SB

    • Dear SB, bearer of blessings and kind words – thank you.
      I’ve been musing on what it would have been like, at 19, to receive a poem like this for my birthday… I think your daughter is very fortunate to have a Mum like you!

      • Thank you. What I know is true is that I am extremely fortunate to be this beautiful young woman’s mother, then, now and forever. Thanks for reading, I love your blog.

  5. stumbled into here… so glad i did.

    ” unapologetic ‘no’ to the world”

    i finally give it 100%. those closest to us are often the biggest mountains to scale.

    • Monica – I’m glad you did too!

      Yes, I agree – our major hindrances often lie within the ranks of our intimates. Yet they turn out to be our greatest teachers, unfailingly pointing us back to our own integrity …

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