for the Mother of all mothers

Mothers’ Day has rolled around again, and this year it marks the 3rd anniversary of the birth of this blog. Last year I posted a little prayer of gratitude to all mothers in their many guises.

This year there’s an inclination to offer another of Mark Hathaway’s exquisite translations from the original Aramaic language, of The Lord’s Prayer, or Jesus Prayer, as an offering to the Mother of all mothers – the Primordial Divine Radiance.


O source of the Radiance,
dancing in and about all-that-is,

Shine forth into the depths of our beings,
and enkindle there the flame of Thy essence.

Grant that it may blaze forth
and fill us with its searing creativity,

Until, fully united with Thy fiery desire,
light pours out from us, taking form.

May we be revitalized each day
with nourishment for body and spirit,

And be liberated from all that oppresses us,
as we struggle to mend the fabric of our world.

Let us not be enmeshed in the nets of illusion,
but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For from Thee shine forth
the precepts, the sustenance, and the generative fire,
from centering to centering.  Ameyn.


Two other versions from Mark Hathaway, with more information about his work,
are posted here:

from birthing to birthing

all that dignifies, gives life and astonishes

And there’s also an anonymous translation,
posted after the funeral of Isabel, last of the ancient Harrex aunties:

thy queendom come


When you know you are eternal,
you can play your true role in time.

When you know you are divine,
you can become completely human.

When you know you are one with God
you are free to become absolutely yourself,
individual, wholly my child.

Mother Meera


Happy Mothers’ Day!

5 thoughts on “for the Mother of all mothers

    • Linda – I’m delighted that you enjoyed this post. I don’t know whether you’re a Mum or not (I’m not) but Mother’s Day is so significant for us all. Where would we be without our mothers? Abiding unformed in Emptiness? 🙂

      In gratefulness ~ ml

    • satprem33- it’s kind of you to leave a comment, thank you.

      I’ve been over at your stunning blog enjoying your writing – especially your *musings on THIS*. However when I tried to leave a LIKE, my avatar appeared a multitude of times. Something strange happening there!

      In glee ~ ml

      • Ahhh~ Thank you, Dear *One* for gracing “Just This” with your presence~
        Love what is found over here as well and feel *at home* in this space~ Blisssed~ 🙂

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