the paradox of passion

Another birthday today – this time the corks are popped for Miriam, she to whom this little blog is dedicated. To celebrate her anniversary (she’d have been 99 today) the blog has had a makeover. Please bear with me as the details are tweaked. I hope you find the changes pleasing on the eye and the site easy to navigate – your feedback is welcome.

When we taste the infinite Absolute of consciousness, the world is seen just as it is—radiant, perfect, and whole. The relative, however, does not cease to be. Quite the contrary, both the pains AND the pleasures of our relative lives are intensified to an unimaginable degree.
~ Ken Wilber

Gratitude to Rashani Réa for contributing this video – ma petite maman would have loved it as much as I do.

5 thoughts on “the paradox of passion

  1. This is yet another beautiful post and you are beautiful for remembering your mother, honoring her like this. You and your mother…two peas in a golden-hearted pod.

    Love, Susan

  2. beautiful “makeover” of your blog. it’s spacious and shibui.

    what a perfect anniversary gift for your radiant maman!

    i see you as two pearls glistening in emptiness.

    all my love,


  3. Dearest Susan and Rashani – thank you both for such loving responses to this little celebratory post.

    Peas and pearls, pods and emptiness – here we all are, at once enclosed and liberated by the Awareness that knows no ‘other’ …

    ~ ml, laid bare in this passion

    ps The post title, 300km down the road, demanded its own makeover!

  4. Hello Dear ml ~

    I’m coming up the tail end of these lovely loving comments surrounding you and buffering you with so much love! You are blessed!

    I love the new look – the header especially – so fanciful and light-hearted (of course) it reflects you! 🙂

    And I really liked Ken Wilbur’s video. I have tried to read him, but he is way too intellectual for me. The video is easier to understand. As we both are discovering, it is true, as awareness expands and as the heart zips open more and more we *feel* more, both the contentment and peace, and the “pain” of life… I find I especially feel the pain of strangers, of the world… Interesting…

    Happy “birth”day remembrances to the unborn in you both, who were earth-birthed to love and just BE… Lovingly – Christine

    • Thank you dearest Christine – for your feedback, your sharing, and especially for your loving remembrances of “the unborn” in Miriam and ml … I so appreciate your company as we journey the path of paradox.
      ~ ml

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