embracing life in all its messy glory

the dream bus

To believe we control the movement of life is to believe we are driving a bus on which we are merely passengers. We feel as if we are in control when the bus takes us where we want to go, but when it keeps chugging merrily on its way despite our attempts to turn or stop or slow down, we are incredulous. We grip the frozen steering wheel and stare helplessly out the windows muttering that teenagers shouldn’t be having babies, corporations shouldn’t be exploiting legal loopholes for profit, and a cure for cancer should have been discovered by now.

Life asks many things of us, but suffering for our delusions isn’t one of them. The biggest delusion is that life should unfold in ways that make us happy. Since we weren’t even around when life began, our happiness could hardly have been a bullet point in its mission statement. Finding happiness is our job, and there’s more of it to be found when we meet life with open arms rather than with a fistful of angry questions.

~ John Ptacek – from Reality Check

I love John’s honest wisdom-wordsmithing. Find more at his website: On Second Thought

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8 thoughts on “embracing life in all its messy glory

    • That’s so true dear Friend. I’ve been there, and I know you have too. The key word is “stage” – it’s so easy to get stuck with our angry questions.

      Yet the anger and the stuckness and the opening of the arms all have their place in the wonder of Oneness. Anything that reminds me that suffering is optional is treasured … returns me to the truth that Reality alone is not optional.

      Returns me to “YES”

      I so love your writing. Thank you for all that you share.

      ~ ml

  1. Hmmmm – Am I to assume that your “Stop Censorship” banner fits into this category of trying to control what cannot be controlled? 🙂 – giving us a false sense of control *against* a perceived controller…?

    • Chuckle!

      WordPress says the SOPA/PIPA bill will be introduced to the US Senate on Jan 24, and the banners removed then. (It’s already the 25th here.) Since this protest is going on in your Homeland you probably know more about its progress than I do…

      It’s a mistake to assume that “meeting life with open arms” means curling up on the couch and avoiding responsive action. That would just be another form of control, no? 🙂

      More chuckles ~ ml

    • Glad you found it of interest dear Susan!

      Your blog is looking so beautiful – and overflows with wisdom of the kind I am hopelessly addicted to. Thank you for all that you share.

      Only Awareing Is
      ~ ml

  2. wonderful~

    this reminds me
    of the inspired writing of ed muzika, called “things gurus don’t tell you.”

    blessings on this day, mirror-miriam…..

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