love’s the ultimate sly squatter

how could it come to pass that halfway
through my sixty-eighth orbit of the sun
would find me?

how, when I was without need
or hunger or even a shy dream that
might find me?

perhaps Love, like me, is a homeless vagrant;
like a mysterious night moth,
It seeks out the empty, glowing
innocent heart
and quietly moves in

emelle says:
Love’s the ultimate sly squatter

~ miriam louisa


20 thoughts on “love’s the ultimate sly squatter

    • Dear Susan – thank you for your open heart! Your beautiful poetry has the same effect on me.

      In gratitude and love ~ ml

  1. Dang! Love beat me to it…had me One up on the way to slink right past time/space into and ‘as’ the Heart of Dearest ML….♥

    • Oh love-ly Leslie, you already have such a treasured placeless place in and ‘as’ this Heart!!!

      Thanks, and love always ~ ml

  2. “Unconditional”

    by Jennifer Welwood

    Willing to experience aloneness,
    I discover connection everywhere;
    Turning to face my fear,
    I meet the warrior who lives within;
    Opening to my loss,
    I gain the embrace of the universe;
    Surrendering into emptiness,
    I find fullness without end.
    Each condition I flee from pursues me,
    Each condition I welcome transforms me
    And becomes itself transformed
    Into its radiant jewel-like essence.
    I bow to the one who has made it so,
    Who has crafted this Master Game.
    To play it is purest delight;
    To honor its form–true devotion.

    • It won’t sit still, won’t behave for one minute, dearest Katherine!!! It demands to be expressed. I’m a puppet in its Game – just like You, sweet joyous You.

      In delight ~ ml

  3. Why is it that when your posts speak of love, or suffering, or any other sentiment (such as fear), all women beings respond immediately, but when they are mostly metaphysical they remain silent? (we hadn’t heard from Leslie for a while).

    Alright, alright, love is love and beauty is beauty, they are both the same (ananda)… strings of melody, music to one’s ears and heart… and who does not like or respond to music and dance?

    • Above the unity of being is the union of love.
      Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.
      ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

      Perhaps this explains our hunger for the love that knows no opposite? Perhaps “women beings” are more transparent to that hunger?

      What about you, dear AM?

      In ananda ~ ml

  4. Looking at my life
    I see that only Love
    Has been my soul’s companion
    From deep inside
    My soul cries out:
    Do not wait, surrender
    For the sake of Love.


    • Dear Mudita – I am humbled by the bouquet of exquisite poems you have delivered to my little blog!
      Some I will share, and some I will hold close to my heart….
      In gratitude, love and joy
      ~ miriam louisa

  5. ……………………

    Reason has no way to say
    its love. Only love opens
    that secret.
    If you want
    to be more alive, love
    is the truest health.

    ~ Rumi

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