these words are clumsy feet

The one who grieves –
who finds it is their ‘work’

The one who’s sad –
who aches for yesterday

The one who awares –
who beams this unlit light

The one who woes –
who keens to love’s goneness

The one who weeps –
who melts in holy love

who – or what – is that One?


These words are clumsy feet
(dual by default)
dancing the dream

The  Beloved rests
in the wings
caps in lap:

choreographer, director
actor and audience

absorbed within
Its one-wo:man act
and never leaving Home
for even half a heartbeat

– miriam louisa

2 thoughts on “these words are clumsy feet

  1. Many personas. The producer-director-decorator-prompter is behind the curtains.

    Lo!, He is also behind the personas… behind the masks’ masks*

    *The wearer of a mask him/herself also a mask (a locum or substitute actor; not the real one)

    Where is the audience??… No, ‘they’ also wear masks… but they are audience, nevertheless – there is a performance.

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