dear, dear heart

Asking contracted energy what it needs is a lovely way of acknowledging its presence and becoming intimate with it. Everything that is not at rest wants to be acknowledged, to be received and bathed in gentleness and benevolence.

~ Pema Mags Deane

If you haven’t read Pema Mags’ last blog  post yet, please do yourself a sweet favor: As Energy Comes Home

Then have a look at this beautiful little film Heart on a String inspired by Michael Leunig’s work. Your heart will love you for it!


Michael Leunig’s website


6 thoughts on “dear, dear heart

  1. Miriam, I have just indulged in Michael Leunig’s work, thanks to your link. What a blessing to me this morning. I was in the throes of…stuff…and needed help. I went to the computer, found your post and, voila! Thank you so much for bringing me this light today, Dear One.

    • Dear Ellen – I love the way these little synchronicities come to bless us in our moment of … distraction. Your heart was calling. The One Heart responded!

      Leunig is one of my favorite antidotes to life’s (apparent) tricks – his wisdom touches me deeply.

      Cherishing …
      ~ ml

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