oh joy!

Tarchin Hearn, poet, writer and Dharma teacher, sums up The Great Perfection:


Oh Joy!

Hearing is knowing.

Seeing is knowing.

Feeling is knowing.

Comparing is knowing.

Remembering is knowing.

Imagining is knowing.

Reflecting is knowing.

Worrying is knowing.

Hoping is knowing.

Pushing is knowing.

Pulling is knowing.

Eating is knowing.

Digesting is knowing.

Raining is knowing.

Rivering is knowing.

Mountaining is knowing.

Oceaning is knowing.


Strange to see but all this knowing

draws a needed knower

And so,

Creative beings,

we make one! A terrifying fiction!

A singularity knowing everything else.

A me!  Alive and intelligent

renders all the rest as object.

While plural knowing is all around,

a fusion of awesome complexity,

a seeming con-fusion,

Resting, nowfully, here

~ Tarchin Hearn


6 thoughts on “oh joy!

    • I love that you appreciate Tarchin’s succinct wisdom dear Susan. Thank you for commenting – and for the ‘Like’ 🙂
      ~ miriam louisa

  1. Good!
    One could also say: “hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking, imagining… mountaining, etc., is experiencing, and there is only one experiencer: Consciousness, the Self. Consciousness experiencing Itself – only, there ‘appears’ to be a plurality of objects and subjects.”
    Thank you for this joyfull poem. AM

  2. What a wonderful poem. Wide open. I think I’ll be adding a few verbs of my own. I’ll start with “dancing” and squeeze in some more obscure and shadowy ones! I love the last line: “resting, nowfully, here.” Thanks for sharing this one, Miriam.

    • Thank you for your comment dear Ellen – lovely to know you’ve visited!
      The last line – yes, it deserves to be an eye-level fridge magnet. Or an art work …
      Hmmm. I like the idea of adding one’s shadowy verbiage. This morning’s one would be “tail-dragging” …
      With love and smiles
      ~ miriam louisa

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